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Major evacuations in train stations across Sweden after multiple bomb threats

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Major evacuations in train stations across Sweden after multiple bomb threats

A SERIES of bomb threats have forced hundreds of rail passengers to be evacuated from trains in Sweden amid chaotic scenes.

Express, By Belinda Robinson
PUBLISHED: 16:16, Thu, Feb 9, 2017

The first bomb threat took place at 1pm and targeted a Gothenburg-bound express train from Stockholm.

Rail bosses stopped the train just before reaching Gothenburg for safety reasons, according to local media reports.

Stina Anhede, a rail passenger told Swedish Radio: “The train stopped just as we were about to reach the central station.”

Bomb threat
Bomb threats in Swedish rail stations have forced passengers to flee stations

At least 150 passengers who were on board the train were evacuated shortly after it was stopped.

Another train, at the Södertälje Syd station south of Stockholm, also received a bomb threat.

SJ’s press spokesperson Stephan Ray told news agency TT: “One should be prepared that there will be many cancellations and long delays. At least in the coming hours. We urge all travellers to check the latest traffic information on the website.”

Both of the trains are currently being searched by bomb squad technicians.

Guard at train station
Swedish authorities stopped the trains after they received a series of bomb threats.

According to Swedish police, two trains in Gothenburg and Södertälje, near Stockholm, have been evacuated after receiving bomb threats on Thursday afternoon.

Police asked national rail company SJ to temporarily halt all train traffic in and out of both Gothenburg and Stockholm at around 3pm, a spokesman told The Local.

The Swedish Transport Administration said that at 4pm on Thursday no trains were running in and out of Gothenburg central station or the Södertälje Syd train station south of Stockholm.

Meanwhile, train service from the capital’s central station are also affected.

Bomb sqauds
Bomb squads have moved into the area to investigate the potential danger.

Both of the trains that were targeted were operated by MTR, which runs fast trains between Stockholm and Gothenburg, The Local reports.

Early estimates suggest that at least 270 people were on board the trains.

MTR Nordic spokeswoman Åsa Elm told the TT newswire: “Around 150 people were on the train that was stopped just before Gothenburg and somewhat fewer, around 120, in Södertälje.”

Hundreds of passengers were left stranded after they were forced to evacuate off the trains.

A Stockholm police spokeswoman confirmed to The Local that the train that stopped at Södertälje, south of the capital, had received a threat earlier in the afternoon.

At this point in the police investigation, it was not known if the threats were linked.

And police would not confirm who or what organisation dialled in the threat.

Gothenburg police said that nothing dangerous or suspicious had been found when police searched the train.

But the incident did cause widespread traffic chaos in Gothenburg.

Local media said that cordons around the area were lifted shortly after 5pm.

Trains were expected to resume service at 7pm.

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