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Sweden: Police officer exposes (Muslim) migrant crime rate – faces criminal investigation

The Swedish police apparently gives more security to a bunch of flower bouquets than to the women, children and elderly in the country.

The police station in Swedish city of Örebro is love-bombed with flower bouquets after police investigator Peter Springare updated his Facebook status with the reality about his profession. His revelations got widespread exposure on social media. He tells us that almost exclusively all of all suspected perpetrators are immigrants, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa. The post sparked a huge debate in the country, and at the same time, Springare got reported to authorities who are now going to investigate whether Springare has committed a crime because he revealed the offenders background.

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner Chief Dan Eliasson warned that Peter Springare must be “extremely cautious” when he highlights the issues of ethnicity.

Why? Has truth become a crime in Scandinavia? We thought they were known to be truthful people. Guess they are liars through and through then. Or maybe it’s long due to change the National Police Commissioner.

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Prohibition to photograph 60 flower bouquets sent to Peter Springare

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Image result for polismannen Peter Springare

The police chiefs have put a stop to people taking pictures of Peter’s flower bouquets. The image is a montage.

Nyheteridag, Monday Feb 6, 2017

OREBRO – There is a photo ban on at least a 60 flower bouquets sent to police officer Peter Springare. This says the station command Johanna Mattsson at the police station in Örebro for Nyheteridag. – “We must always do a security check on these things, we don’t know what is in these flowers,” said Police spokesman Anders Sjöberg to Nyheteridag.

Earlier on Monday the Nyheteridag reported that the police station in Örebro prepared for a love-bomb on the occasion of the policeman Peter Springare open-hearted and widely shared Facebook updates. When the Nyheteridag spoke with the station officer Johanna Mattsson at lunch she tells us that some 50 flowers had arrived to Springare.

But when we ask if she can take a picture of the flower bouquets with her mobile phone and send it to the Nyheteridag, then it’s total stop.

“Unfortunately, we will not give out any pictures. The only thing we can give out is how many bouquets that has arrived, but no pictures.”

Nor shall we get permit to send a photographer to the police station to take picture of all flower bouquets sent to Peter Springare. It’s not Johanna Mattsson herself who had taken the decision, but she has received it from “the top”, she explains.

“No, we have said no pictures of the flowers. That’s what instructions I’ve been given from the top.”

Although the Nyheteridag in many ways tried to get an image of the flower bouquets it is a grinding halt. The message is clear from the heads, no photos will be published on the flower bouquets sent to Springare.

– “Yes exactly, that is what has been said to us. You may take issue with our press officer if you would like more information,” says Mattesson.

Image result for polismannen Peter Springare

[EXPLOITATION, CRIME: Migrants line up outside Swedbank in Malmo to empty out a cash machine with a technical error which caused it to give out excess money; “Hahaha tomorrow when they wake up with a big minus [in the accounts] they will commit suicide”] 

Can be a security risk: “we don’t know what it is in these flowers”

After the lunchtime the Nyheteridag has spoken with Örebro Police spokesman Anders Sjöberg and he explains that the flowers can be a security risk. In addition to flowers, there are also packages to the police station, sent to Peter Springare.

– “These flowers are coming into our regular postal service, you could say. We must always do a security check on these things, we don’t know what it is in these flowers. Maybe it is not only those who want Peter well, but perhaps it is those who think that what he wrote is about is offensive and want to do something about it.”

– “We security check these packets and the flowers that come in. We have said that we will not let anyone inside the gates to photograph these flowers, where they stand now. Peter has knowledge that we do this and we are doing it for his best.”

Instead, it’s up to Peter if the flowers should be photographed, it’s something he can arrange after work in such cases.

– “If you would you like to take photographs of the flowers, you may talk to Peter about it.”

…. [we cut the rest of the ramblings in the original article about the refusal to photograph a bunch of flowers.]

The manager reported Springare to prosecutors

Blombuketterna sent to Peter Springare after he posted a Facebook update where he speaks out about his everyday life as investigators. He lists the past week’s crime he worked with and finds that almost all suspected perpetrators have immigrant backgrounds.

– “Countries that represent all the crimes of the week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we cannot know for sure because they have no valid papers. Which usually means that they are lying about their nationality and identity,” he wrote, among other things.

The post was so sensitive that the Facebook page got reported to the prosecutors. Sveriges Radio has talked with Bo Andersson, who is the District Police Chief and Head of Division of the Örebro police, and the police chief over Peter Springare. But he would not tell me what could be illegal with the Facebook post.

– “It would be wrong for me to speculate on it, it’s the Prosecutor’s job, I leave it unchecked”, says District Police Chief Bo Andersson to Swedish Radio.



7 thoughts on “Sweden: Police officer exposes (Muslim) migrant crime rate – faces criminal investigation

  1. This is extreme and asinine political correctness at it’s worse, and gone completely berserk. The Swedes need to take back their nation and expel every Muslim there. This is conclusive proof that the Islamic demonic political-religious system is incompatible with Western society and values. They cannot and will not assimilate and MUST be removed – deported or extinguished.

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  2. Many conservatives and ‘regular people’ here in the United States know that we have a Muslim problem and know that our civil society and our freedoms have been ‘compromised’ by the Progressive Leftists and their 5th column in the mainstream media and our educational institutions and political ‘establishment’. But we’re still relatively in the early stages of ‘infection’ compared to Western Europe. Western Europe is seriously compromised, with France, Germany and Belgium much more damaged at this point that Norway, Denmark or the British Isles.

    Sweden, of course, is the absolute worst of all. The Progressives have such a stranglehold on their society that no one in their ostensibly free press dare reports on what’s actually going on–all new is ‘sanitised’ and references to the actual ethnicity, religion and background of the perpetrators of crimes is tightly controlled. Many rapes and violent crimes are simply not reported at all.

    The people who rule Sweden–and their media compatriots–have been ‘blindered’ ( blinda-ensidig ) by their true and revealed religion of Multiculturalism, with its Catechism of Self-Censorship and Rosary of Denial. Sweden has the most liberal immigration policies in the world, so any immigrant is able to flood the country with many more of his relatives quite easily. The Left’s unholy love affair with Islam is a pathology unto itself. The results were utterly predictible.

    Sweden went from having the lowest violent crime and rape statistics in the entire world to having being the crime capital of Europe and the rape capital of the entire world. The rape statistics from Malmo alone are perfectly unconscionable. Much of this is simply suppressed, because these ‘inconvenient’ facts simply do not fit in with the ‘Narrative’ ( sound familiar ? ). Almost all of these crimes–and the rapes–are being committed by Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East, and quite largely against European ( and mainly Swedish ) women, girls…and boys. No one dares report it. Most Swedes simply endure it.

    Muslims also go on periodic rampages ( demonstrations ), which are ‘staffed’ in almost equal number by Militant Leftists, all denouncing the severe ‘discrimination’ Muslims ‘suffer’ at the hands of Western civilisation, Swedish culture and the Swedes themselves. Meanwhile…entire neighbourhoods in Malmo are essentially ‘walled-off’ from Swedish authorities and are basically Swedish-free ‘Sharia’ zones, where all the women wear burkhas, hijabs or abayas. It even smells like the Middle East. Swedish people and Europeans flee these areas as the infection advances in their once beautiful and quite civilised nation. Many Jews have fled to Israel or other countries because of all the anti-Semitism and the hate-crimes directed at them from the Muslims and Militant Leftists. Perhaps the Swedish government has simply forgotten their role in ‘saving’ so many Danish Jews and other European Jews from the Nazis ? What would their grandparents think of this development ?

    The Swedish government apparently cannot feel actual shame. Shame on them.

    Almost all of these migrants live on public largesse. The once nearly empty Swedish prisons are now brimming with Muslims. Swedish Special Needs Education is glutted with physically and mentally retarded inbred Muslim children and young adults and things have gotten so bad that Swedish has had to appeal repeatedly to the EU for economic assistance. The government of Sweden, of course, does nothing except make their own self-created problem worse. Angela Merkel has NOTHING on these idiots.

    Sweden is in fact has gone to the lemmings: they are committing racial, cultural and economic suicide before our eyes.

    Please let this be a cautionary tale to the rest of the Europeans and to us here in North America. At least we now have an administration who is trying to attack the problem. Barack Obama, on the other hand, really liked what was happening in Sweden and was trying to do something similar here.

    Sweden is on a fast-track to becoming the first Western European majority Muslim nation, but this can never happen. Right wing groups are feeding off the outrage many Swedes feel and this situation simply cannot last: they will retake their country, but their actions in doing so may be quite over the top ( seeing how far the pendulum has swung ).

    Muslims simply do not belong in Europe. They do not belong in Western nations or in any truly civilised, modern society. Their entire ideology, ethos and value system is antithetical to the sane and orderly operation of any modern culture. Quite per Mohammed’s wishes–and the plan of attack he outlined in the Koran and the various Hadith–they are our natural enemies. The Communists were our recent enemies; the Muslims are our new–and ancient–enemies. If you do not understand this, you understand nothing.

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