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Fox News’s Jesse Watters: Anti-free speech Berkeley rioters resembled ‘Islamist mobs’

Muslims at Berkeley. They “resembled Islamist mobs”. They were. There is an entire network of Muslim student instigators planning riots and protests. They should be banned and barred from Uni, blacklisted with other Universities.

Always the instigiator of major problems. Always creating division, enmity and tension weaving and fabricating some human rights offense or the other. Always finding a villain for the young and uneducated to target – always someone with critique of Islam. They are dangerous and divisive in society. Just look at America today when the young Muslims, children of migrants, have now grown up and entered Universities. Riots over this issue, that issue, deep seated anti-government rethoric. That’s how they do it.



Fox News’s Jesse Watters: Anti-free speech Berkeley rioters (against Milo Yiannopoulos) resembled ‘Islamist mobs’

By Bradford Richardson
The Washington Times – Saturday, February 4, 2017


A still image from the Feb. 3, 2017 edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel showing damage from a Feb. 1 riot at the University of California, Berkeley. (YouTube)

Progressive college students and fundamentalist Islamists share an animosity for freedom of speech and a propensity to riot over views with which they disagree, according to Fox News commentator Jesse Watters.

“It’s my opinion that liberals on college campuses now resemble Islamist mobs, where they riot over rhetoric,” Mr. Watters said while guest hosting “The O’Reilly Factor” on Friday night.

His remarks come after students at the University of California, Berkeley rioted over the prospect of allowing opinions with which they disagree to be voiced on campus.

Students at the prestigious public university shut down a speech set to be delivered by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos on Wednesday by assaulting would-be attendees and lighting fires outside of the venue. They later smashed out windows of local businesses and looted stores.

Mr. Watters said he’d seen that sort of behavior before.

“You remember in Iraq and Afghanistan whenever there was an affront to Islam or Islam was challenged, they’d burn the flag and then riot and break things?” he said. “Now, on the left, on college campuses, when liberalism is perceived to be under attack, they riot, they burn things and they hurl expletives and cause complete chaos.”




Muslim aggravators behind the riots in Berkeley:

Related image



Completely fabricated propaganda spread by Muslims amongst students against a gay critic of Islam, initiates riots – that remind Fox News of ‘Islamic mobs’.

A “free Libya” activist @mittim99 is one of many Muslims entwined with Kumar Salehi (@KumarsSalehi) and his multiple twitter accounts, such as @deleteuracct






6 thoughts on “Fox News’s Jesse Watters: Anti-free speech Berkeley rioters resembled ‘Islamist mobs’

  1. The fact that a simple lecture ( with ample Q & A afterwards ) can spark such ‘instant’ and ‘spontaneous’ violence is both risible–and cautionary. These ‘demonstrations’ ( read riots ) were in fact carefully planned. The Mayor of Berkeley in fact ordered police to ‘stand-down’ and kept them under wraps during the mayhem. The University, quite in contrast with its ‘liberal pronouncement on the value of free speech’ in fact perfectly set-up conditions for the riot to occur. Professors got on Social Media to ‘ensure’ that everyone ‘appropriate’ was properly worked up about the ‘outrage’ of having Milo as a guest speaker–well in advance.

    The University also forced the student organisers of Milo’s talk to pony up for extra security ( something they ask of no one else so long as they’re properly Progressives ). Nothing else except a riot could have occurred.

    Contrast the riot at Berkeley with the calm and orderly ‘lecture’ and Q&A at the University of Mexico only one week previous. During his speech, one hijab-bound lady was asked to leave the lecture hall for heckling. Shortly afterwards, two additional Muslim woman, also in hijab, decided to leave as a form of ‘protest’. The only other ‘non-event’ was a middle-aged ‘Progressive’ lady, wearing one of those bizarre ‘pussy-ear’ knit caps, who later during the lecture wanted to keep screaming something that none of us quite understood. The security guards also requested that she leave, which she did–at worst, it was a little bit of comic relief. Milo actually was graciously towards her, since it was apparent she just ‘had issues’ and wasn’t threatening anyone.

    A couple other people ‘volunteered’ comments during Milo’s presentation, but Milo just asked them to respectfully wait until the Q&A–which they in fact did.

    Not everyone in attendance was a ‘gold-plated’ neo-con alt-right TRUMP-eter by any means. Several of the questions were posed by people who were ‘far-Left Liberals’ by their own admission. The exchange of questions, answers and debate was just amazingly good and at the very least, heartfelt viewpoints were voiced, exchanged and facts were introduced.

    Milo, of course, does this with his own brand of self-deprecating and highly-entertaining humour, which nonetheless, serves to underscore his message. His experiences as an ‘outsider’ from Britain help illustrate his points; Milo likes America and Americans and doesn’t even try to hide this.

    It was a good presentation. It was successful and illuminating. I’m rather thinking that perhaps the Liberals in attendance mostly remained Liberal and that the Conservatives stayed mostly Conservative, but everyone at least learned something and benefitted from the experience.

    This is just what this entire process is supposed to be like. As Milo has underscored repeatedly, Universities are places where people should go to be able to discover things, debate ideologies and viewpoints on their merits and for the individual to grow…and learn. People who attended the event in New Mexico ( or watched it or will watch it on YouTube ) may do just that. It is an opportunity to learn, just as much as watching a TED lecture or any other intellectual presentation, right ?

    Berkeley is an example of what happens when the Socialists ‘seize’ power and silence opposition and prevent learning from happening. People at Berkeley are in fact being INDOCTRINATED to a specific set of ‘approved’ ideological beliefs, whilst being subjected to insidious forms of thought control both subtle and gross. The Soviet Union may in fact be dead, but its bastard, red-headed step-child struck root in the United States amongst our ( former ) political elite, our mainstream media and our educational system. Shame on us.

    If a federally-funded University cannot permit free and open intellectual discourse on its collegiate campus nor on its online forums, if a simple lecture requested by some of its faculty or students and approved via proper channels is made impossible or cancelled at the 11th hour, then perhaps the funding should be curtailed or temporarily suspended. Any university that cannot properly educate its students or afford its student body basic first amendment rights is in fact a tool of anarchy and properly an enemy–or at least a rival–of our nation.

    One trick that many other universities have employed is to approve such a lecture, but then at the last minute decide to tack on huge additional fees for ‘increased security’, such that a student organisation or donors must somehow pony us several thousand dollars in ‘surprise’ fees or simply cancel their event. Striking back at such tactics by withholding federal tax dollars might just be the best way to combat this.

    All this aside, these people who have been non-stop protesting our duly-elected government, our freedom of speech and assembly or our President’s legitimate exercise of his EXECUTIVE office ( often violently by looting, rioting, etc. ) are in fact Anarchists. These people are not ‘legitimate’ protesters, they are simply trying to thwart our Constitutional rights and the proper exercise of our liberties and the proper functioning of our government. There are in fact legitimate ways of expressing your opinion and even holding assemblies to voice your concerns. These do NOT involve wearing masks, setting off fireworks or arson, breaking windows, vandalising cars, defacing public and private property. Nor do they involve preventing other people from assembling in university lecture halls to hear different viewpoints.

    One thing has been brought home to the American public ( whatever their political persuasions ), the mainstream media, our educational institutions and a substantial portion of what we call the ‘Democratic’ party simply do not respect objective truths, freedom of speech nor property rights. They believe that they have the right to silence opposition of viewpoints that do not agree with theirs, that they can make underhanded deals to ‘force’ the outcomes of debates and news stories and that if they do not get their way, they can resort to violence and mayhem and act like spoilt children having a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

    Things have simply changed. It’s time for the grown-ups to take charge. ‘Daddy’ is in the White House ( I’m sure Milo would approve ).


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