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Germany: Man kidnaps two young children then drives his car into crowds in Munich

Notice how the identity is concealed?



BREAKING NEWS: Man ‘kidnaps two young children then drives his car into crowds in Munich’ 

  • After a fierce row, the man kidnapped his ex-partner’s four young children
  • He also stole her car and drove off with her children inside the vehicle
  • The 29-year-old then crashed into two pedestrians, who were seriously hurt 

A man allegedly drove his car into pedstrians in Munich after kidnapping four young children.

At least two people are believed to have been be injured during the incident in Ramersdorf, near Munich.

After a fierce dispute with his ex-partner, the 29-year-old unemployed man took the woman’s four children and stole her car before crashing into two pedestrians, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening in Ramersdorf, near Munich

The pedestrians, two men, were seriously injured and were taken to hospital following the incident on Wednesday evening.

The children were uninjured during the incident, police said.

Following the collision, the suspect fled on foot and police had not been able to trace him on Thursday.

The suspect fled on foot and police in Bavaria were still hunting him on Thursday

Police officer Carsten Neubert said the suspect had argued with his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend in her apartment, which resulted in him hitting her.

The woman escaped from the flat and had sought protection from a neighbour before her ex took her car keys and her four children, who are aged between 14 months and five-years-old.

He bundled the children into the car and drove off – supposedly to look for the mother, police said.

According to the police, the man, who is being hunted by officers, is not the father of the children.

4 thoughts on “Germany: Man kidnaps two young children then drives his car into crowds in Munich

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  2. Hey, U don’t mention it either… but that is okay! Because everytime someone in Allemagne reads some article w/no name his first assumption (& probably correctly!) is that the man’s name is Mohammed!


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