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Dubai’s Head of Security Dhahi Khalfan supports Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Dubai’s Head of Security supports Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Published January 29th, 2017 – 12:12 GMT via

Protesters of the
Protesters of the “Muslim ban” at Dallas airport, Texas (G. Morty Ortega/Getty Images North America/AFP)

America’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries may be stirring anger across the West, but in the Arab world the move has received some more surprising responses.

In a series of tweets, Dubai’s Head of General Security, Dhahi Khalfan this morning expressed his support for President Trump’s “Muslim ban”.

We completely support Trump in his ban on entry to those who may cause a breach in America’s security.

Every country has the right to protect its security from anyone who could be dangerous for the safety of its people.

Previous US administrations have embraced all the wanted men of the Arab world and those classified as terrorists… Trump what you’re doing is right.

Khalfan, who has a following 1.5 million on his official Twitter account, also wrote that it was America’s right to “ban whoever they want to ban”. Emirati passport holders are not included in the executive order that Trump signed on Saturday, suspending visas for travellers from several Arab nations including Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

One Iraqi-American journalist, Steven Nabil, was quick to point out Khalfan’s hypocrisy on Facebook:

Marwan al-Shehhi and Fayez Banihammad were among the 19 terrorists of al-Qaeda who attacked the World Trade Center and other targets on 9-11, which led to the deaths of thousands of American civilians. They both had Emirati citizenship like Dhahi Khalfan.

Others supported his criticism, highlighting the fact that very few individuals from the countries banned by Trump have carried out terrorist attacks in the West:

This Trump is stupid, his calculation is simplistic… The countries that America has banned from entry: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Somalia… No resident of any of those countries participated in the strikes on the World Trade Center. [Whereas] 17 Saudi citizens participated in the attacks… We conclude that he is merely a real estate and amusements trader.

Iran, Iraq, Syria: They may be the smallest threat to security in the whole world, yet they are prevented from entering the US. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria, they are the sources of terrorism. [But for Trump] they’re not a problem.

Trump has said that the ban is intended to “protect the United States from foreign nationals entering from countries compromised by terrorism” and allow time to implement “a more rigorous vetting process.”

A decision overnight by a federal judge in New York has allowed anyone from the targeted countries in transit or already in the country to remain, provided they have a valid visa. However, it is not clear whether the executive order itself will continue to be implemented.

3 thoughts on “Dubai’s Head of Security Dhahi Khalfan supports Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

  1. This is not strictly speaking a ‘Muslim Ban’ ( despite the popular and convenient label and despite the fact that I also use it ). This is a ban against ‘refugees’ and others from seven majority Muslim countries in turmoil.

    Awhile back, President Obama instituted a similar ban against refugees and others from Iraq ( this seems to have raised no ‘blips’ on a lot of people’s radar and didn’t evince such a flame war online or in the Mainstream media, now did it ? ). It last for awhile and was essentially the same thing. ( Where was all the ‘outrage’ from the Leftists then ? Why didn’t the Mainstream media scream it was ‘Islamophobic’ ? )

    A lot of people in America and across the world have denigrated President Trump’s ban as ‘illegal’, ‘immoral’ or ‘un-American’, but none of these are actually true.

    The Constitution of the United States invests all Executive Authority within the person and the office of the President of the United States, with one main exception: Treaties. Although the President may negotiate treaties with other nations and foreign entities, the Senate must then approve such treaties by a 2 / 3 majority. Then and only then may the President ratify a treaty. So Treaties are the purview of the Senate, but almost all other Executive decisions are made at the direction of the Presidency itself.

    This is why the President issues ‘Executive Orders’. Presidents have the ability to take executive actions, and this is what the framers of our Constitution intended. War time Presidents, in particular, resort to them frequently. FDR wrote so many that he essentially became a ‘legal’ dictator. Most Presidents of recent history have written a couple hundred during their tenure in office; Roosevelt wrote over 3,500 ! George Washington drafted 8, whilst William Henry Harrison would have none of them to his name. President Obama wrote just over 240 of them. President Trump will retain some of President Obama’s Executive Orders, but there is nothing particularly special about this, either.

    The President of the United States ( POTUS ) is charged with defending the nation from all enemies–foreign and domestic. This ban was crafted towards that end. During the 1930’s through the 1960s, we had similar bans and ‘extreme vetting’ in place to guard against bringing into the nation Communists, Communist sympathizers, Organised criminals and actual Russian spies. Such people ( quite obviously ) would have entered our nation and done mischief. We should only be letting in people who at least like us and value our liberties, our institutions, our values and our culture.

    Many Muslims, in fact, do not. They are the modern bogey man and have replaced the Communists as our main ideological enemies in the world. They shouldn’t be let into our country–period.

    Defending–and enforcing–a nation’s national borders, ‘screening’ visitors and immigrants and ensuring that the people coming in aren’t up to no good is something that every nation on earth must do for its own integrity and the welfare and protection of its own citizens and residents. The West and especially the United States seem to have forgotten this under the leadership of the ‘Progressive’ Multiculturalists, whose instincts seem to be to throw open the gates and invite everyone to flood in. Angela Merkel and Obama are alike cut from the same cloth in this regard. Foreigners you accept into your nations must assimilate or they will forever alter your country in very negative ways and perhaps destroy it. Without controls in place, many of those who entered were actual terrorists seizing the day. Most of these ‘refugees’ hold beliefs directly counter-posed to Western civilisation. They do not like our institutions and hate our customs, our freedoms…and us. They are not a good fit and should never be allowed in. These people have but little hope of assimilating and joining the Middle Class; they also have little interest in doing so.

    In this, they are further encouraged by the Multiculturalists, who seem to believe ( mistakenly ) that all religions and cultures have equal value and worth and must never, ever be criticised and that you should never force anyone to change or adapt. This, of course, does great disservice to very nearly everyone. It is racial, cultural and economic suicide for the ‘host’ nation. Want to see examples of this in action ? Look at Sweden and what’s happening there; France and Germany are not too far behind. These ‘foreign’, anti-Western–and largely Muslim–immigrants haven’t assimilated, and they are creating mayhem and havoc exponentially in relation to their actual numbers. They simply do not belong in Europe–nor in any ‘civilised’ country. Muslims are very largely barbarians mired in Mohammed’s Age of Unending Darkness.

    Arabia, in fact, was not in a Dark Age before Mohammed, Arabia was simply the backwater of civilisation. After Mohammed, Arabia was thrust into a Dark Age and moreover, one that proceeded to suck the life out of and cast aside the carcasses of all the surrounding centres of civilisation: Byzantium and Visigothic Spain, Buddhist and Manichean Central Asia, Hindu and Neoplatonic India and Zoroastrian Persia ( all these cultures were destroyed by Islam ).

    Unlike Angela Merkel and her ‘Progressive’ compatriots, President Trump is simply having none of this: America and Americans simply must come first.


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