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Media waits 10 hrs to publish Muslim names behind Quebec Mosque shooting, focuses on Trump slander instead

The shouting of Allahu Akbar and the arrest of a Moroccan suspect makes it perfectly clear the #QuebecShooting was white supremacists….

Look how the media works. Total deceit by intent. 75% of their “breaking news” is focused on sensationalising Trump’s temporary ban on visas from the worse terror countries to stirr up public unrest. Trump’s policy is nothing new. It’s adapted from an excisting old policy by the Obama administration and was only activated now. 24-hours later and the “Muslim ban” report continues to be treated as fresh front page news.

Meanwhile, they dumb down another incident: in Quebec 40 Muslims are gunned down in what appears to be a Jihad attack by Muslim migrants – and little is mentioned in the media. Not only do they tone it down, but the only mention of the names of the Muslim shooter comes from. Instead, the media keeps focusing on anti-Trump demonisation so that this story about the Jihad attack on the mosque by other Muslims quietly disappears in the background without any major attention, since the attack would simply reinforce Trump’s ban.

After seven hours following the first breaking news, local newspaper Le Soleil said it had obtained obscure information that one of the suspects was a 27-year-old with “a Québec name”, and one had an AK-47 automatic weapon in his possession. The names were already accessible but six hours later they still had not updated their report to add the Muslim names. Police did not release nor confirmed these details in public but the names got revealed from communications via police radio one hour after the incident, which then spreads through twitter. But the international media still refuses to publish the names Bashir al-Taweed and Hassan Matti and focuses on anti-Trump slander instead. At least one of the shooters appears to be a Syrian who entered Canada last week. The other is apparently of Moroccon origin. (The name al-Taweed, however, implies Saudi background).

We also don’t get any news at all who the victims are. Unarmed and praying in their mosque, no one is bothered to let us know their story. Are they a minority islamic group frequently targeted by Sunni’s? Or is this an internal feud? Who are the victims and what exactly happened?

Media doesn’t care. They just want sensationalism.

It will probably be a year before we get to see the headshots of the Jihadists.






11 thoughts on “Media waits 10 hrs to publish Muslim names behind Quebec Mosque shooting, focuses on Trump slander instead

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  2. What did you expect from the trudoper media they’ve been paid for
    with our money so they’ll only print what he okay

    – Jacquie



  3. It wasn’t the two ILLEGAL refugees that crossed over the border and almost froze to death. They are being kept in the Winnipeg Remand Center pending a review of their asylum request and are fully vetted. When anyone does such an action in Canada…they are not allowed to just go on their merry way…..they are held in custody. It takes quite a while to get refugee status in Canada now thanks to PM Harper changing some of the Legislation. As he stated many years ago….Canada will not harbor criminals nor be a haven for them. Crossing over the border like those two did puts them in the ‘Criminal’ category. They most likely will be returned to the USA and will have a ban on them to enter Canada.

    As for not hearing any news about the shooting in Quebec…..since this is being looked at like terrorism was involved, the Terrorist Task Force will be conducting an investigation on it and when they release their findings….. then the news will be put out to the public. Though I wouldn’t rely on CBC to give the correct details.


  4. You disappointed us Justin you are crying for muslims not condemning Muslims for their act of violence against all non muslims here and around the world are you Blind and deaf you never see or hear the news…only we voted for you thinking you will keep Canadians safe ,but the way you support nd bring in radicalized muslims only not single christian or Yezdi refugee from Iraq ,Syria. libya who are affected by the same people called muslims living as majority .You are not even checking who’s coming into our country you simply want muslim votes we are very disappointed,Do you ever read or watch the news to see whats happening in all E.U countries Sweden has become capital city of rape thanks to ppl like merkel and you to bring only muslim refugees not nonmuslim refugees who are better humans Its proven.Soon you will have blood in your hands justin like Merkel.your connection to aga khan and handing over 310 Million and he purchase an Island for 100 million with the money you gave and then hope in his plane and go visit him all looks too have the money to spend to bring in unfaithful radicalized muslims while you are ignoring our own people Do you atleast notice our kids specially young teenagers are selling their bodies to pay their fees and to survive Pimps are leauring them into prostitution.Sucide rate is high in many candoian communities a whole town was affected,People are being laid off ,some have no means of survival,vets,homeless .Why don’t you take care of our people like the Japanese who say first they have to take care of their families.If you really want to help refugees why don’t you help and cry for christian and yezdis and Hindu Kashmiris and all nonmuslims who are being prosecuted and killed in many countries for a change?Now you are bringing in a Bill #M103 in the Parliament to stop people saying anything against Islam but the muslims can say what ever they want against non muslim regions?wake up Patriotic Canadians before its too late.many don’t come out but trust us they are watching next election will prove it

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    • Rick…..If you voted for turd-boy to keep you safe in Canada from Islamic terrorism…..then you didn’t do your homework before you voted!

      BTW…..refugees coming into Canada are FULLY vetted by CSIS agents in Damascus who go through all the Syrian archives. I don’t know where you are getting the information from that says otherwise. Also…most of the refugees that have already come to Canada are Christian, Jews, Yazidi and kurds.


  5. So the Bious Canadian Media will not report that the shooters were all muslims? our Canadian P.M was quick to condemn the nonmuslims saying we hurt muslims?Was not this quick and emotional when people were murdered in hundreds in France germany and USA ?Remebr Canadian media what happened in the US election Thanks to the Americam Media who was bashing nonmuslims and Trump was elected same thing is going to happen here

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  6. While violence is a concern, the prime reason we don’t want non-Whites and Muslims is because we have the right to have our own countries.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

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    • What a twisted sense of righteousness Africa for African Asia for Asian but north America for the White Europeans, You are right in one sense North American was never supposed to be a melting pot it was supposed to be for the natives


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