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Media blames ‘Islamophobia’ as Salafists gun down “Murtadeen” at a #Quebec City Mosque

Of course the nasty media, so focused on defaming Trump at every opportunity, has been quick to try and pin this to Trump’s Islamic terror nations ban. Has NOTHING to do with it. On the contrary, it reinforces the need to block and ban Muslims.

From Gates of Vienna web:

This segment from a video on the mosque which was attacked tonight’s Facebook page seems to indicate that the imam was aware of a rival mosque which had a hate on for them.

As reported in tonight’s news feed, gunmen shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least five people.

Early news stories gave a bare-bones account of the incident, followed by the Narrative describing “Islamophobia” in Quebec, and a recent increase of Islamophobic incidents.

Then came reports from eyewitnesses who said that the gunmen had been shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired their weapons. That shot holes in the Narrative, too — unless, of course, the shooters were white-supremacist neo-Nazis who were just pretending to be Muslims.

The following video sheds some light on what may actually have happened in Quebec City tonight. It’s taken from the Facebook page of the mosque that was attacked. In it you’ll hear the imam of the mosque discuss the enmity of former members of the congregation who were unhappy with the blasphemous “moderation” of this mosque — that is, the shot-up mosque was full of murtadeen, or apostates.

Tonight’s attack may well have been an execution of Islamic justice against murtadeen by Salafist zealots.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


8 thoughts on “Media blames ‘Islamophobia’ as Salafists gun down “Murtadeen” at a #Quebec City Mosque

  1. Each side of the Islamic faith, along with the variations of each of the two – Sunni and Shia – have been engaged in terror campaigns against each other for over 1,400 years now. Straight after Mohammed died, the split was evident. Both sides engaged ‘the assassins” to murder leaders of each. The Assassins, strangely enough were from an enclave of criminals roughly where the Palestinians have settled in recent times. Possible the same DNA, if truth’s know. This has nothing to do with other countries or Donald Trump, although, all other members of the human race who do not adhere to one schism or the other is an infidel by default, and worthy of death. Getting rid of Muslims is not what we need to see, so much as getting rid of teachings and doctrines which fail to recognise the right of all human beings to the entitlement of safety, peace and security. Legal intervention is the answer. Clean up this medieval mess once and for all, but NOW>


  2. These barbarians are just so tiresome why do nations let them in? Clearly modern politicians have never read their history. Yesterday a wonderful little cartoon came my way, an 18th Century Marine chasing muslims – did any of you know the Marines were created to deal with Barbary Pirates, we had the same in England. Seems the US set a precedence even then.

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    • If’n it ain’t cause of Trump… Probably some of those malcontents who R reading Ezra Levant’s Rebel, up there..
      U see, even if we submit to them… The fighting will continue! First we need to stop calling it a religion… Looks more like Nazis/gangsters to me!

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