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Getting REAL News From Aleppo – With Vanessa Beeley

We have always complained about the nightmare the West has created in Syria by its ignorant meddling in the conflict. It’s not only governments but volunteer organisations and media that has made the situation worse, and the suffering and destruction unimaginable.

Horrendous crimes have been committed against Syria by Europe, UK and the US by their alliances with Saudi Arabia, spearheaded by Obama and his administration and followed like demented sheep by the EU Parliament and Britain’s poor, insipid and uneducated leadership. The false accusations against Assad has caused them to chase, fund, bomb, and seek to kill the victims of Saudi-initiated Jihad in Syria – rather than fight actual terrorism. Only Russia and President Assad has been opposing and fighting real terrorism in Syria, created through Saudi Arabia, but the inept Western leaders refuse to accept the facts.

Jihad specialised imam’s, like Riyadh trained Sheikh Abdullah Al-Muhaysini (also spelled al-Mohaisany, a wealthy Saudi shipping magnate and jihadi preacher) who runs Jaish al-Fatah (“the army of conquest”) is a senior leader in this invasion and occupation attempt of Syria. He is orchestrating the training of Wahhabi ideology in Syria. Al-Mohaisany, funded by Saudi Arabia, is the chief suicide bomb trainer for Jaish al-Fatah and sets the rules and strategies for newly arrived foreign mercenaries on how they can achieve their sexualised Jannah, their Muslim brothel in heaven.

The Western protection of these terrorist invaders is so bad that al-Mohaisany, a Jihad leader and official executor, can freely make visits to the three hospitals in occupied Aleppo (which he runs), like the bombed al-Quds, touted to treat civilians but which is actually maintained, managed and used to treat (only) terrorists. Western media write nonsense fake news when Russian bombs are targeting these terrorist run and occupied hospitals. ALL Aleppo’s remaining three hospitals are set-up, managed and run to and for jihadists and not civilians at all. This means that all funding and volunteers sent to these hospitals also work on behalf of terrorists.

[Western media has been full of sob stories by naive British trauma Doctor David Nott who periodically work unpaid for the aid agencies Médecins Sans Frontières in Syria at the M10 hospital, the city’s main trauma hospital. Nott doesn’t realise that local volunteers working with him on his medical missions in Syria are part of the terrorists medical team and supporters. Aleppo is an occupied area. It is impossible for outsiders to go in and out of Aleppo as they please to get access to actual civilians. The doctor actually imagines that he can just drive into an occupied area covered in terrorists without any problems? There are fools born every minute. Why does he think these terrorists never targeted him or his colleagues when they entered their territory? They will protect any helpers of their cause. The civilians are actually trapped and held ransom hidden from any outside access, and are used as human shields. Most are starved. No doctor, press, or outside has any access to them at all. The doctor has complained to British media that Aleppo’s doctors ‘face Armageddon’. Well, of course they do, when the entire medical staff are working for and with terrorists! What else can he expect? None of them work with civilians. The doctor has been unwittingly helping terrorists and their families, not civilians, during his ‘secret mission to save Aleppo’s babies of the blitz’. Returning to England this naive man filled British media with the Wahhabi narrative and perspective of the conflict in Syria given to him by his Jihad colleagues – which then fuelled the bottomless politicians in Britain, who then demand Assad to be taken down. Dr David Nott continues to collect donations for further medical services provided to terrorists and their families in Syria. Whenever you have a foreign conflict, they escalate into unimaginable proportions mainly due to endless meddling by other countries, external media and outside peoples.]

PATCHING UP TERRORISTS: British Trauma surgeon David Nott (middle, sitting with terrorist fracctions) has been rendering medical services and donations to terrorists and their children and families in Aleppo through Médecins Sans Frontières, assuming they are civilians. 

Related image

White Helmet volunteer and photographer Mahmoud Raslan is actually linked to child beheader Nour al-Din al Zenki, a jihad soldier. Raslan took this staged propaganda photos of an unharmed, well-fed boy ‘Omran’ smeared with animal blood, to be distributed to Western media. In photo after photo on the internet you can find White Helmets carry “victims” who are well-fed, have all limbs intact and with no physical open wounds.

Related imageUsing babies smeared with animal blood for the perfect media photo-op, funded $100 million by the West.

Sheikh al-Mohaisany was in south Aleppo in 2015 with the Victory Army rebel coalition. Having first traveled to Syria in 2013, al-Mohaisany “carried out fundraising and propaganda efforts for Salafi-jihadi factions,” including Jabhat a-Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, wrote Joanna Paraszczuk in February 2014, a journalist with Radio Free Europe who tracks Russian-speaking jihadi groups in Syria.

And it doesn’t end with the insane support of Saudi funded anti-Assad militant forces posing as EU’s beloved freedom fighters, pouring in from Islamic countries. White Helmets for example, trained in Turkey, are terrorists posing as ‘humanitarian first responders’ in Syria, now funded by over $100 million donated from countries in the Western world [US $23 million, UK $32 million, $7 million from Germany, and millions from Japan, Denmark, Holland]. It is the Western governments responsibility there is to be better informed what exactly they engage in and fund before they meddle into other countries, fund terrorism.

Vanessa Beely, an investigative journalist and the daughter of a British diplomat to the Middle East, will give more insight into the lies we hear about Syria:

3 thoughts on “Getting REAL News From Aleppo – With Vanessa Beeley

  1. I wish I could remember where I heard the following phrase: ‘Never trust an Arab he will put a knife in your back’ maybe it was my pa who fought with 8th Army under Monty against Rommel in North Africa WWII. Arabs lie, cheat, mislead, are just the dregs of humanity seed of Satan the Great Deceiver.


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