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Switzerland: Muslim migrant sex attacks teen in train station, as security concerns raised over growing attacks

Migrant launches sex assault on teen in train station and only stops when hero hears cries

A TEENAGER was grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted in Switzerland in another shocking attack by a migrant in Germany.

Express, By Zoie O’Brien
PUBLISHED: 16:48, Sat, Jan 21, 2017 |

Swiss teen attacked in tunnel
Teenage woman chased through tunnel and attacked

The woman was dragged to the floor and grabbed between the legs as she screamed for help and tried to lash out.

The 19-year-old was walking through a train station subway in Islikon in canton Thurgau.

At around 10:30pm the woman was grabbed and immediately screamed loudly for help.

Woman saved by three onlookers
Trio tackled the man and held him until police arrived.

Three people noticed the struggle and went to help her.

The trio managed to detain the attacker until the police arrived.

A Sudanese man, aged 25 was arrested at the scene.

Victim managed to get help
The victim fought her attacker and screamed for help.

A criminal investigation in Frauenfeld has begun.

Security services have grown increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe.

Protestors in Lepzig rally

Protestors in Lepzig rally after over 100 women were sexually assualted on New Year’s Eve

Attacks in Switzerland

Attacks in Switzerland have been reported across European news

In 2016 attacks were reported in Salzburg and Zurich, after mass assaults in Cologne and across Germany.

More than 100 women reported attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015/16 in the centre of Cologne when they were surrounded by men and groped.

In Lucerne, Switzerland leaflets were handed out in January 2016, warning migrants to respect women and children and avoid violence.

6 thoughts on “Switzerland: Muslim migrant sex attacks teen in train station, as security concerns raised over growing attacks

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    Detta gripande är en splittrad inställning till ett problem som måste behandlas utförligt. Det finns bara ett sätt att göra detta: BAN och deportera alla muslimer på grund av onda Koranen doktrin kräver att alla muslimer måste förfölja och attackera alla icke muslimer.


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