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Sweden: Muslims broadcast gang rape of unconscious woman on Facebook

According to people who witnessed the broadcasting the woman was unconscious. Probably passed out on spiked rape drug. And Merkel has brought over a million more of these into Europe. In fact, data from UN shows that Europe has been consistently bringing in over 1 MILLION Muslims per year into their countries for at least five years (the data covers only up to five years). So, the claim that there is a recent refugee crisis is total bogus. They have been bringing them in, in droves, long before any crisis. Unreal.

Witness statement says the rapists were muslim migrants from Iran and the Middle East. He faced rape charges against another woman in 2015 but the charges got dropped. Sweden doesn’t care about the women at all. Apparently equality means you don’t give a shit about the women and children and import thousands of killers and rapists, and then leave the vulnerable in society defenseless.



Attackers broadcast woman’s horrific gang rape on Facebook Live as webcam shows the moment police arrived to save the victim 

  •  Three men arrested in Uppsala, Sweden after alleged gang rape live streamed 
  •  ‘I at first thought it was a poorly orchestrated joke,’ said one online witness
  •  Earlier this month four people arrested for live streaming torture in Chicago 

By Mail Online Reporter
Published: 17:07, 22 January 2017

Swedish detectives are investigating allegations that a woman was gang-raped in an attack that was broadcast on Facebook Live.

A witness who watched the incident online said she saw the victim being stripped and then sexually assaulted by several armed men and said the attack only ended several hours later when police arrived and switched off the webcam.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said the assault took place in a flat in the town of Uppsala, north of Stockholm, on Saturday night and three people had been arrested.

Three men were arrested in Uppsala (pictured) in Sweden after the incident on Saturday night

21 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslims broadcast gang rape of unconscious woman on Facebook

  1. Islamic [ or is it more properly Muhammadam? ] Supremacy is total contempt for the cumulative values of actual civilizations. Their history is the diminution of cultures and impoverishment of the human future. They are a curse upon our species.

    If people were fish, Muhammadans would be lampreys.


  2. Now with this true self portrait depiction of what criminal muslims really are we see that criminality is the party platform of the Democrat Party of the USA also. Their new head is a drug cartel financed criminal and the second in command is a muslim. The Democrat Party has become an enemy of the American people and an enemy of the free nations of the entire world. RAPE and MURDER with lies and deceit in everything they do makes for a disgusting combination. The world is being brought to chaos by liberalism. When the leftists become the targets of the criminals will they enjoy it or say I was helping them, why are they attacking me? I find it surprising that they cry out that they support the rights of women when they are silent about crimes against women perpetrated by muslims. Clearly they are LIARS in everything they say. Leftists and liberals do NOT understand the definition of TRUTH. Their definition of truth is to tell a lie again and again until people begin to believe the LIE!

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    • They’re not allowed to mention Muslims in a bad light in Sweden. It’s actually forbidden to mention ethnic or religious characteristics when reporting crimes in the Swedish media.


      • They don’t need to – when crimes like rape, sexual assaults, drug dealing, robbery, vandalism, shootings are involved, everyone knows who’s responsible.


    • Are you being funny or do you really believe a Swede a real Swede not a foreigner with a Swedish passport would do this? I am of Swedish connexion and I assure u the only Swede who would do this would by a psychotic psychopath and he would keep the film to himself to ‘wank off’ in the privacy of his den where his victims are tortured and raped. So I believe you are probably muslim using an Anglisied name. Read a few Swedish Noir thrillers you’ll find I’m right.


  3. Facebook supports all attacks on western values. Rape of women by Muslims at Facebook seems to be applauded. Is it true that Facebook employees watched the abuse in Chicago but chose to do nothing because the assailants said bad things about Trump?


    • Ericka, my ID has been banned from FB numerous times for similar comments. The FB censors are very leftwing in their orientation as is Zuckerberg who takes his cues from the likes of Merkel and the Imams.


      • Fatherjon let us hope this rather silly menopausal airhead Merkel will soon be removed. Her father was a Priest and of course in Eastern Germany religion was not welcome, so no doubt her family read the scriptures daily and she is brainwashed by the words ‘of the Lord Jesus Christ’. The man was a Rabbinical teacher who wanted loosen up from Jewish orthodoxy, I believe it is possible he went to India and sat at the feet of a Guru. Some of his stories are typically Buddhist if one reads between the lines. I have tremendous difficulty with a virgin birth, having said this any young girl unmarried/betrothed was referred to as a Virgin 2,500 years ago. So much misinterpretation.The NagHamadi Scrolls are a great insight.

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