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Germany: Neighbours listen to ‘screams of absolute despair’ as Muslim migrant stabs pregnant ex-girlfriend to death

We can bet her support for refugees into Germany took a different turn when she experienced what millions of Muslim women go through in the Middle East. She got a taste of a very common culture feature in Muslim men. These left-wingers never learn.



‘Screams of absolute despair’ Tunisian migrant ‘stabs pregnant ex-girlfriend to death’

A FAILED asylum seeker brutally murdered his pregnant ex-partner and their unborn baby because he did not want her to raise the child without him, a court has heard.

By Ross Logan
PUBLISHED: 16:57, Sat, Jan 14, 2017

Illegal Muslims picked up to arrive at the port of Piraeus near Athens after travelling in passenger ship from Lesbos


The defendant Merwan B is said to have stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend seven times.

The victim, named as 35-year-old teacher Julia B, bled to death after allegedly being stabbed seven times by her ex-boyfriend Merwan B, 29, at her flat in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood.

He appeared in court last week for the first day of his murder trial.

Neighbours told the court in Germany on the first day of his trial they heard screams of “absolute distress and despair” as the victim was attacked on June 10 last year.

Prosectors allege that the Tunisian-born defendant lay in wait outside the flat until his pregnant ex opened the door to go to work at about 10am.

Armed with a seven inch knife, he forced the victim back into her apartment before stabbing her seven times, it was claimed.

Julia B suffered stab wounds to the liver, lungs and heart, and bled to death at the scene, Berliner Zeitung reported.

Giving evidence, neighbour Jörg M said the woman’s screams “were so terrible that I did not know at first whether they came from a person or an animal”.

“I’ve never heard something like this before,” he added.

Another neighbour, Roland L, said: “There were screams in absolute distress and despair. They sounded like the last possibility to get help.”

The same witness said that after stabbing the woman, the attacker walked calmly out of the apartment “as if nothing happened” and said the couple had had “a fight”.

It was only after Jörg M followed the attacker out into the street that he admitted to stabbing her. He was arrested shortly after.


The Berlin district of Schoneberg, where the victim lived and died

There were screams in absolute distress and despair. They sounded like the last possibility to get help.
– Witness Roland L describes hearing the murder

According to the prosecutors, Merwan B is a rejected asylum seeker, who was afraid to be deported to Tunisia.

The couple met in late 2015/early 2016 at a pub in Schöneberg where the defendant was temporarily living.

If he had obtained a temporary residence permit, he could have worked as an interpreter in a refugee home.

Prosecutors said Merwan B was initially against the pregnancy “but a lawyer advised him that the birth of a child could also bring advantages for his foreigner status”.

Before killing Julia, Merwan B ws said to have repeatedly turned up drunk to her flat, until she finally threw him out.

Prosecutors said he had previously threatened her with a knife, but had made no threats immediately before the fatal stabbing.

The victim’s mother wept throughout the proceedings, as details of her daughter;s murder were read out.

She is expected to give a statement to court next week.

The trial continues.

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