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Barnes & Noble censors book reviews for ‘The People vs Muhammad’

Barnes and Noble surrenders to Sharia. No wonder their sales are declining. Freedom of speech and Islam can never live side-by-side. It’s either or. You chose what you prefer. 

We got this email from a reader:


Message: SUBJECT: Muslim and corporate attack on the 1st amendment!!!


it’s come to my attention that a number of online book retailers are censoring reviews for the bestselling book ‘The People vs Muhammad’.

I have contacted the author JK Sheindlin and he or she knows that this is an ongoing problem.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Barnes and Noble deleted my review because some Muslims complained about it. However, one of the Muslim perpetrators was permitted to leave their review which denigrated the west and used the platform to publicly convert people to the faith.

Because I spoke the truth that Muslims sometimes turn into homicidal maniacs because of the Quran, I was censored.

Here is my review which was deleted:

“I highly recommend this book. In each chapter, there are literally hundreds of references
all using the Islamic texts with psychological studies. The Author has done a wonderful job
in exposing every single personality disorder attributed to Muhammad. Consequently, the
book makes it easy to understand with some Muslims suddenly become homicidal maniacs.
There won’t be any Muslim whom will be able to defend their prophet after reading this. It’s obvious why this book is a #1 international bestseller. Five stars!”

After filing a complaint, the Muslim’s review has been canned. However, my review is still censored entirely to please Muslim sensibilities.

This is what Barnes and Noble said to go into damage control:

My review was removed – why?!!!

Response By Email (Richard) (12/21/2016 02:15 PM)

Dear Michael Jones,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your reference number for today’s contact is 161221-00152.
Reader Reviews allow you to share your comments on titles you liked, or didn’t, with others. By submitting areview on our site, you are representing to that all information contained in your review is original and accurate in all respects, and that the submission of such content by you and the posting of such content by Barnes & does not and will not violate the rights of any third party.

Barnes & reserves the right not to post any review — particularly those that do not follow the terms and conditions of these Rules. Barnes & also reserves the right to remove any review at any time without notice.

See Terms of Use for other conditions and disclaimers.

We regret that we missed the other review, and has since been rectified. At Barnes & Noble, we take our mission very seriously – to be a valuable resource to our customers, bringing books and ideas to the public. We live in a diverse culture, and that diversity is reflected in the wide range of interests, philosophies, and lifestyles of our customers.

Although we value everyone’s opinions, we do not allow stereotypes or things of that nature in our review system.

You are more than welcome to resubmit an updated review.



Social Media CS Specialist
Monday – Friday, 8 am to 11 pm ET
Saturday & Sunday, 9 am to 11 pm ET

It seems that like many retailers, Barnes and Noble have finally submitted to Muslim aggression.

I’m absolutely shocked and appalled by these double standards. I have been a lifetime shopper at that store, but not anymore.

I have been told by other people that their reviews have also been censored when reviewing other books about Islam.

It seems that Barnes and Noble and other retailers have forgotten about last year’s horrific terrorist attacks at Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Berlin, Turkey etc.

To censor people from speaking the truth, is the fall of democracy. To speak the truth about Muhammad and Islam, is not slanderous.

I do hope you run with this story, because I’m sick of Muslims pissing over our 1st amendment.


9 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble censors book reviews for ‘The People vs Muhammad’

  1. Islam is different.

    Islam insists on being different, and on being treated differently.

    They leave us diminished choice. They insist upon deference. I prefer to give them distance. I want Muslims to be no closer than one ocean away from my home in the Americas at any time.

    I endorse invocation of the Monroe doctrine to roust the Muslims, at bayonet point as need be, not only from our borders, but from Canada, from Trinidad, from Argentina, and any lair where they nest.

    Ultimately, I want all Muslims confined to Arabia. Throwing them from the Americas, then Europe, is a fine start, but ultimately we want all of Christendom back, North Africa, the Middle East, Anatolia, including, of course, Constantinople.

    And given the bill for thirteen centuries of reparations, they simply won’t have much wealth left. But they’ll have each other. And all the love which makes Islam so very fucking wonderful.

    And if they need turn cannibal, we’ll provide them free barbecue sauce.

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  2. About 12 years ago I put a movie review on Imdb in which I said Muslims are misogynists – that gota complaint and was deleted too. CAIR is a very wealthy lobby group, and they look to complain about anything they can.

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  3. I couldn’t be sure that the book is actually honest. In a MEMRI video that was used in order to promote the book the subtitles were changed to give us the impression that a Muslim was railing against Mohammed when in fact it was an Egyptian speaking about politics. Goodness knows what the writer has actually written. If you want to know the truth about Islam I would recommend Christian Prince’s books The Deception of Allah and Quran and Science in Depth. Christian Prince is a native speaker of Arabic and has been exposing Islam for years. His videos can be seen on The Arabian Prophet channel on YouTube.


  4. They simply respond to customer complaints in the normal craven way of most businesses. If they think it will cost them sales, they’ll do whatever they’re told. Boycott B&N.


  5. This is a catastrophe – the only weapon we have to fight Islamisation, is Free Speech, and it is constantly getting eroded by this kind of censorship of the truth.
    I have read this book, and it is one of the best in its analysis of Mohammed, and insights into his character (reflected in the lives of Muslims today, 1400 years later.)

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