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Saudi husband torments ex-wife with baby abuse videos in Sharia custody

This sad and infuriating tweet got forwarded to TMI about (another) Saudi man abusing a child.

The mother is desperate. She has been divorced from the man but under Sharia her former husband has gained custody of their one month old daughter, Mona. We can only imagine how much the mother has struggled to get divorce granted, while a muslim male only needs to say “I divorce you” three times to get a divorce proceedings put into action. He can then throw the woman out of the house where she has neither security or chances for earning income. Many are cornered into prostitution in this way and to begging on the streets.

People argue that men, not only muslims, from many other cultures commit similar crimes. Yes, they do. But they are not protected under Sharia.

Under Islamic Sharia women and children are the property of men. It is therefore fully up to the men how they treat their property.

The man has threatened the ex-wife to torture and kill the baby as a punishment for divorcing him.

We have saved both mobile videos from twitter – which are very upsetting – for readers to view in the links below:

 (Please feel free and download the videos and add them to youtube):










14 thoughts on “Saudi husband torments ex-wife with baby abuse videos in Sharia custody

  1. Coming to a village, town city near you probably already in a street near you. Violence to them is as easy as breathing to us. Shocking lives they lead. Islam should be eradicated world wide.


  2. At times like this I say – either come Lord Jesus quickly – or send an outpouring of your Holy Spirit and bring this man to repentance.


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