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Hate Crime Fizzle in NY: Mosque Thief Turns Out to Be Muslim

Police: Man took cash from Long Island mosque’s charity box

Posted: Jan 02 2017 10:53AM EST

HEWLETT, N.Y. (AP) — Police say a man stole from a Long Island mosque’s charity donations box on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Huzaifa Shafeeq was due to be arraigned Monday after being arrested on burglary charges. There was no answer at a possible number for his Valley Stream home, and it’s not immediately clear whether he has a lawyer who can comment on the charges.

Nassau County police say the 22-year-old got in through a window at the Islamic Center of the Five Towns, in Hewlett, and took cash from a charity box on the two Sunday holidays.

Islamic Center board member Iqbal Rasheed says the amount taken wasn’t large. He says the center’s leaders felt the thief needed help, so they called police.

He says he doesn’t know Shafeeq personally.

3 thoughts on “Hate Crime Fizzle in NY: Mosque Thief Turns Out to Be Muslim

  1. Yet again a Muslim hate crime turns out to be a Muslim.

    Would be good to see the mosque make a public apology to all us infidels


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