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Turkey: Devout Muslims admit jihad attack was aimed against Christians

No one should believe reports that Erdogans government has ordered ‘raids’ against ISIS and is somehow against the ideology that ISIS represents, which is 100% pure Islam. We wouldn’t be surprised if Erdogan himself provided the weapons for this attack. Turkey is hardly a “protector of the cross”. The Erdogan government has converted Haga Sophia, a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, into a mosque.

This is a Turkish political strategy to appear as a “victim of terror” to gain entry into the EU. Nothing else.



Turkey arrests eight over nightclub attack as Isis claims responsibility

Gunman not among those detained, while Turkish military says it has carried out raids on Isis targets in Syria in response to attack.  

by Jamie Grierson and agencies
Monday 2 January 2017 12.43 GMT

Turkish police have reportedly arrested eight people in connection with the gun attack on an Istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people on New Year’s Eve, as Islamic State claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

The gunman, who escaped after the attack and who is believed to be from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, was not among the eight detained by anti-terrorism squads, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

The Turkish military said it had carried out raids against Isis in Syria in response to the attack. Turkish jets struck eight targets, and tanks and artillery fired on 103 targets near al-Bab, killing 22 fighters, the Turkish chief of general staff’s office told Anadolu.

The attack on the Reina nightclub in Turkey’s largest city on Saturday night killed partygoers from 12 different countries. The gunman killed a police officer and another person to enter the club, and reportedly fired 180 bullets during the seven-minute attack. Sixty-nine people were injured.

An Isis statement said the gunman had “struck one of the most famous nightclubs where the Christians celebrate their apostate holiday” and described Turkey as a “protector of the cross”.

Turkish media reports said police had established similarities with a suicide bomb and gun attack at Istanbul’s Atatürk airport in June and were investigating whether the same Isis cell could have carried out both atrocities.

Turkey’s interior ministry said on Monday that 147 people had been detained in the past week over suspected ties to Isis and 25 had been put under formal arrest.

Witnesses to the nightclub attack described scenes of chaos as revellers attempted to flee. Some threw themselves into the waters of the Bosphorus to escape the gunfire.

Nearly two-thirds of the dead at the club, which is frequented by local celebrities, were foreigners. Anadolu, citing unidentified Turkish justice ministry officials, said 38 of the 39 had been identified.

It said 11 of those killed were Turkish nationals and one was a Turkish-Belgian dual citizen. Seven victims were from Saudi Arabia; there were three each from Lebanon and Iraq; two each from Tunisia, India, Morocco and Jordan, and one each from Kuwait, Canada, Israel, Syria and Russia.

The German foreign ministry said on Monday that two residents of Bavaria, one a Turkish national and one a dual Turkish-German citizen, had died in the attack.

It remains unclear how the attacker managed to escape from the club, which is just across the street from a police station. One report suggested he had abandoned his weapon and mingled with the crowd outside, pretending to be an injured civilian.

The prime minister, Binali Yıldırım, said the attacker left a gun at the scene and escaped by “taking advantage of the chaos”.

There were more than 30 violent acts last year in Turkey, which is a Nato member and a partner in the US-led coalition fighting Isis in Syria and Iraq. There were a number of bombings, including three in Istanbul that authorities blamed on Isis, a failed coup attempt in July and renewed conflict with Kurdish rebels in the south-east.

Isis claims to have cells in the country. Analysts think it was behind suicide bombings last January and March that targeted tourists on İstiklal Street in Istanbul and the attack at Atatürk airport in June, in which 45 people died.

In December, Isis released a video purportedly showing the killing of two Turkish soldiers and urged its supporters to “conquer” Istanbul. Turkey’s jets regularly bomb the group in the northern Syrian town of al-Bab. Turkish authorities have not confirmed the authenticity of the video.



Shocking pictures have emerged purportedly showing the bloody aftermath of the Istanbul nightclub massacre
Shocking pictures have emerged purportedly showing the bloody aftermath of the Istanbul nightclub massacre

Sparks are seen flying down the street as the Istanbul nightclub shooter walks towards the Reina nightclub

People standing outside the club can be seen diving for cover as the gunman approaches, firing indiscriminately 

After shooting a victim to the left of the screen, the gunman then runs into the nightclub 

Photos from inside Istanbul's packed Reina club show partygoers celebrating moments before the gunman stormed the venue with an AK-47

One of the Istanbul attacker's victims was Rita Sami (pictured), 26, daughter of Ilyas Schami, a prominent Lebanese businessman. She was pictured on social media wearing flowers in her hair
One of the Istanbul attacker's victims was Rita Sami (pictured), 26, daughter of Ilyas Schami, a prominent Lebanese businessman. She was pictured on social media wearing flowers in her hair

One of the Istanbul attacker’s victims was Rita Sami (pictured), 26, daughter of Ilyas Schami, a prominent Lebanese businessman. She was pictured on social media wearing flowers in her hair (right)

Lebanese banker Heykel Müsellim (pictured) was a victim of the attack. He was identified using a DNA sample from one of his relatives

Also named as a victim of the ISIS atrocity was 25-year-old Lebanese man Ilyas Vardini (pictured)

The gunman, believed to be captured by CCTV , rained down 'a hail of bullets' on the New Year revellers
He is still on the run

Mother-of-one Hatice Koc'un is among the 39 people who were gunned down in Istanbul
Turkish law requires a female guard  be present to search women clubbers

Mourners huddled together at the funeral of Busra Kose, another victim of the nightclub attack

The mother of Fatih Cakmak, a security guard killed in the attack, breaks down in tears at her son's funeral 

7 thoughts on “Turkey: Devout Muslims admit jihad attack was aimed against Christians

  1. I want it all back: Constantinople, Anatolia, The Middle East, North Africa, all of Christendom. The descendants of the thieves of the prophet are to be removed to Arabia. I want Islam shrunken like a malignant hemorrhoid.


  2. Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque in 1453. I’m pretty sure the Erdogan government was not in power almost 600 years ago. It became a museum in 1935, and remains so today.


    • Erdogan has recently authorized Islamic prayers in the Hagia Sophia so I don’t know where you get your information from? You are obviously up to date with Turkish News – further more Erdogan’s ambition is re-instate the Ottoman Empire and given the chance and the stupidity of Merkel in Germany his armies and already resident Turks in Germany will invade Germany. Clearly some of the visitors to the night club were secular muslims as well as Christians. As for Saudi’s dancing the night away, these Princes are just so despotic – Royalty can do what it likes but the populace must observe Sharia and ISLAM. If the proles don’t observe strict adherence to Islam it’s curtains for them. A grossly unequal society but what can one expect from Wahhabi & Shiia Islam. Suggest you read Mohammet’s confession on this Muslim issue page.


  3. Thank you Muslim issue for pointing out this was an attack on Christians on New Years Eve – this was obvious to me. There is though the numbers are dwindling a large Greek Orthodox Christian community in Turkey for many years. The same applied to Egypt as late as 1987, when I attended a splendid New Years Eve Party in Luxor at our hotel. Many many Christian wealthy Egyptians were there, no such thing will happen today. I hope RT News tonight will give a more in depth report on this atrocity on New Years Eve in Turkey.


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