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Germany: Cologne hired refugees as security guards during New Year’s Eve sex attacks

There was not “600 reported sexual assaults”. There was over 1,200 reported assaults in a single night, in a single location committed by around 2,000 muslim men.


Cologne hit by fresh scandal over New Year’s Eve sex attacks: City hired refugees as security guards who were drinking or disappeared

  •  600 sexual assaults on women were reported in Cologne on New Year’s Eve
  •  The attackers were mainly North African men as police and security lost control
  •  A secret police report has found many security guards had been hired refugees
  •  They were paid a pittance and some vanished or were found drinking on the job
  •  This year Cologne is drafting in 1,500 police officers to patrol on New Year’s Eve 

By Allan Hall In Berlin for MailOnline
Published: 12:57, 29 December 2016

Untrained refugees were deployed as security personnel on New Year’s Eve in Cologne last year, according to a secret police report.

It said many abandoned their posts and at least one was so drunk he could not work.

Last year mobs of mostly North African men sexually assaulted and robbed hundreds of women in and around the city’s main railway station as police totally lost control of the situation.

Police cars are pictured outside Cologne's famous cathedral. The authorities are taking no chances this year and are flooding the city with 1,500 police - ten times the number on duty in 2015 - to stop a repeat of the disgraceful scenes last year

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