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Turkey: Muslim punches Santa in the face

Poster: Muslim man punches Santa in face – they hate him too

December 26, 2013 | Joe Saunders | bizpacreview


The “religion of peace” strikes again.

And in the punching Santa poster, it’s almost literal.

A Muslim group at Istanbul University has released an image of a muscular Muslim man, bearded and sporting a fez, hitting the jolly old elf with a hard right, demonstrating the violent disdain in some parts of the world for one of the West’s most venerated symbols.

The roots of the Santa Claus story stretch into Saint Nicholas, a fourth century bishop in what is now southwest Turkey who had a reputation for secret gift-giving (including a legend of saving three young women from prostitution).

That’s just the kind of Christianity the Anatolia Youth Association can’t seem to abide – especially not the in the Istanbul suburb of Sirinevleer.

Those fun-loving Anatolian youths are instead touting the season of good will with the Turk legend Dede Korkut, a freedom fighter whose chronicles – whatever their moral merits — are a bit more blood drenched than your average Clement Moore poem.

Last week, the group hung a banner on a Sirenevler street that made their position clear.

“As in recent years, Santa Claus will not be coming to Şirinevler since he is nothing to do with our traditions and our culture. [Turk legend character] Dede Korkut will come to our houses again, and will teach our children that they did not come into this world for pleasure, that they came to distribute justice.”

(Note: According to the miracles of Internet translation linked in The Blaze coverage of this story, the Turkish script above the illustrated assault appears to mean“Christmas and New Year’s NO.” The Muslim calendar begins in 622 a.d. during the life of Muhammed, and its new year comes during the month of Ramadan. New Years’ Day, therefore, is as much an affront to radical Muslims like our friends in Istanbul as Christmas Day is. And in case you’re wondering, no, they can’t just  get with the program.)

After 9/11, a memorable Newsweek cover story asked “Why do they hate us?”

Looking at the snarl of rage on the man’s face, it’s easy to ask in response, “Does it matter? Really, does it matter?”

 H/T:  The Examiner

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