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Germany: Lorry ploughs into crowd killing people at Berlin Christmas market

Merry Christmas… with Islam.

Don’t expect the M-word to appear from the revolting media machine the Independent.

Even with all the preparations against a Muslim massacre the German police could do nothing to stop this attack. What does it tell us? 1. Hang Angela Merkel for treason, 2. Ban Muslims from the West. It was never a problem to ban them for centuries until the leftie loonies got into power.



Berlin Christmas market attack: ‘Several killed’ after lorry ploughs into crowd

Harry Cockburn
The Independent Online

Several people have been killed after a lorry drove into crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin .

Police have said an incident at a Berlin Christmas market that has left at least nine dead and more than 50 injured, was probably a deliberate attack.

Video of the aftermath showed people helping the injured on the ground.

According to German newspaper Bild, the lorry drove through the Christmas market at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and came to a halt at the Christmas tree several metres on.

Eyewitnesses on social media reported hearing a big bang as the lorry entered the square. Video showed destroyed hoardings and stalls.

Witnesses reported that the lorry entered the market ‘at some speed – perhaps as high as 40mph‘ – and knocked down stalls before eventually coming to a standstill.

A photo posted by the Morgenpost showed damaged tables and stalls.

The lorry hit the market at ‘some speed’, witnesses said (AP).

The Berliner Zeitung said police believed there to be multiple injuries, but police could not immediately be reached to confirm.

According to Bild, ‘the attacker’ is now ‘on the run’.

More follows…


Berlin truck several injured Christmas market


4 thoughts on “Germany: Lorry ploughs into crowd killing people at Berlin Christmas market

  1. Here’s the thing though, moslems have been bea killing each other in sectarian violence for centuries, why does the civilized west, that is a refuge for them and welcomes them, get blamed?


  2. Yet another Pakiattack! Pakistani moslems have a collective inferiority complex since they’re not considered to be truely part of the Ummah by the Saudis. Therefore the have to prove themselves all the time. Sad really.


  3. We will inevitably hear that the police have no idea why this terrorism occurred. Once the terrorist is identified as Muslim, we will be told that he inevitably had a mental condition. Islam does that: it causes mental, psychological, intellectual, spiritual and demonic problems.

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