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5-year investigation into Obama’s birth certificate uncovers forgery

Obama’s friends in Hawaii describes him as a “pathological liar”. A gay black man, a muslim, who spent his spare time smoking weed and selling sexual favors in exchange for crack. And lying. Obama was always lying.  Obama quickly learned as a young man that if he simply agreed with anything people said, they would soon give him anything he wanted.

Since 2011 the Sheriff’s office have been working on this investigation to verify whether Obama’s birth certificate, which Obama released in April 2011, is real or not. And it’s not authentic. It’s a fraud.

No wonder both Obama and Hillary continue to fight ugly to stop Trump from entering the White House where he will have access to all the confidential information available to a president. Everything from Obama’s real birth information, all his multiple social security numbers, his real father (communist Frank Marshal Davies) and Obama’s family’s long association to the CIA, to information on his fake ‘Osama bin Laden killing’ and to much more fakery concealed from the public.

Evil forces has held power in the US for many decades.

3 thoughts on “5-year investigation into Obama’s birth certificate uncovers forgery

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