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Greece: Muslim viciously beats toddler in the shower at migrant camp

The little boy is only three years old. In a statement to the police the father bragged that he was beating the toddler because he did not like to take his bath. Who would like baths if this is how you get treated?

This is how they go about. Everyone has to be kept in fear. That makes a Muslim male feel big and strong. And there is nothing unusual about it at all. In most Middle Eastern countries, up to 90% of women and children are abused. One can imagine the fear installed into such a small child being threatened and abused by a strong, large adult male. Even adults would feel anxiety.

Is this a suitable migrant to the West?

Another horrible issue to point out is that the evil EU plunged Greece into utter poverty. It’s a horrible situation for Greece. Some people abandoned their children to oprhanages to assure they get food. Others break into cars and shops with intent to get arrestes so they will cover food and housing needs. Meanwhile, due to EU demands, these Muslims are provided free accommodation, food and monetary handouts. In return they have zero gratitude but burn the shelters and attack the locals.

Youtube of course removed the original video so we found another link with a copy. Zuckerturd and his colleagues are doing their best to cover up muslim crimes on Facebook, YouTube and Google.



Greek report here:


Google translate:

The Syrian who abused the child at Chios?

Shocking and disheartening images of those difficult to capture in the human mind, recorded amateur videos secured by and showing the torture of children in showers of Souda migrant camp in the heart of Chios town …

In the video the captured young man is beating a child and the bathroom. In his attempt to stand upright the migrant either pulls or pounding the child on the face and legs causing the child to fall back down. Despite the cries of the young child the immigrant continues for some time torturing the child until he receiving the prompt from a third person to stop.

The identification and arrest the perpetrator

The video gnistiotita and the existence of the case confirm the senior police sources. As the complaint was originally highlighted by the “Smile of the Child”  [organization] and there was direct and to mobilize UNHCR set in consultation with the Police Directorate Chios sought the offender.

With the publication of the video, the actor tried to hide, but not successfully since midday Tuesday, the Police found him, arrested him and led him to the Police Department Chios building where he was held.

From the evidence so far, it is a 32-year old Syrian who claims he is the 32 year old son. Although the behavior of the offender was known long circles immigrants nobody dared to talk until another refugee denounced the incident to humanitarian organizations.

The video, according to the Police recorded the evening Monday.

He kidnapped the child?

However the police is reportedly investigating the 32-year old’s statement if it is his son, or may have been abducted by other refugees stranded in Turkey. The Police with the participation of NIS and Counter investigating the possibility that the father blackmails the video parents to ask their ransom. So in cooperation with the UNHCR made trying to determine the veracity of allegations of action.

The latest information indicates that the investigations revolve around past the 32 year old who probably have relations with the Islamic State.

The 32-year old Syrian confessed his act and detained under this offense to the police. Ordered even the Public Prosecutor Chios, the child will pass under the supervision of NGOs ..


Image result for ΣΟΚ: Βασανισμός παιδιού στον καταυλισμό της Σούδας [βίντεο]

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