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Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett expose fake news on Syria at UN

Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett went to Syria to check facts for herself. She found a completely different scenario and narrative than the media gives us.

Bartlett talks at the UN to a practically empty hall about US, UK and European media’s false narrative on the situation on Syria. Hospitals professed to have been attacked “by Russia” had actually been destroyed in 2015. Photos from people suffering in ‘Syria’ circulating in Western corporate media such as BBC, CNN, NBC, Guardian, Independent and so forth are not even taken in Syria. The so called ‘Russian attacks’ have in fact been rebel initiated attacks.

101 of 193 UN member states have sent terrorists to Syria to slaughter civilians and to destroy the country. No need to remind anyone that they are Sunni terrorists.


6 thoughts on “Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett expose fake news on Syria at UN

  1. Then why do they want to come to other countries they should stay home and fight for their lands and help their governments

    – Jacquie



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