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Muslims threaten British school children with ultra-violent rape

Many school children unfortunate to live close to a Muslim enclave are being targeted with intimidation, rape threats, attacks, and threats of violence if they don’t concede to sex on a daily basis for many years. Police did nothing. The politicians are doing nothing. Everyone is more concerned to sound politically correct than to do what is right and to protect the women, children and security of the country. And there is certainly no condemnation from the Muslim community on this. While Muslims constantly try to tackle their crimes and fights silent;y within their own community through Sharia courts without approaching police, they refuse to tackle this issue. That should tell anyone that they find nothing wrong with this.


9 thoughts on “Muslims threaten British school children with ultra-violent rape

  1. We have to remember “Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jews living there & occupied most of the places by production of illegitimate child like Jihadist, Hamas,ISIS,Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra,,PLO,FTO,army of the Islam etc, this is the nature of the Islam, first refuge & than occupy,than produce, than destroy temples/Churches/ Synagogues etc, wiping out the origins of the land , the non Muslims country should unite & let the world know that refuge/shelter/brutal invasion & majority in numbers does not make the Muslims the rightful owner of that land


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  3. Some are suggesting a future revolt, will be a “Trained Hands Revolution”, and remove the head from the snake. Should this happen, the rest of the filth will be cleansed.



    Any adult loitering outside a public school with prurient designs upon school children should be bludgeoned into oblivion.

    The families of boys asserting a cultural rape entitlement should be rounded up and deported. Within the week. This a temporary measure until…

    And, of course, the only real solution is the complete and permanent removal of the noxious ideology by a mass expulsion of all adherents democratically decided upon.

    This my solution for the US as well. Time to contemplate a destination inside the OIC to dump this human offal.

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  5. When your wives, sisters mothers and daughters are threatened in this manner, are you prepared to kill Muzz assailants to keep those precious people safe and alive?

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    • Well, not exactly “kill” (unless our folks are being killed by them,self-defence,but then our governments wouldn’t allow us to defend ourselves!) but certainly we ought be shouting out more about these things.


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