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Egypt: Lion mauls his abusive Muslim tamer to death


Horrifying moment animal tamer is fatally savaged by a lion in front of screaming audience at Egyptian circus 

  • Trainer Islam Shaheen, 35, was filmed motioning at a lion with a stick 
  • However, another lion comes into view and launches a savage attack 
  • Trainer’s companions tried to help but he died later in hospital 

By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline
Published: 12:03, 1 December 2016 |

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a circus trainer was mauled by a lion during a live show in Egypt, leaving him with fatal injuries.

Trainer Islam Shaheen, 35, was filmed motioning at a lion with a stick as another lion climbed up a ladder during the performance in Alexandria.

At that moment, a third lion launches a savage attack on the trainer, rearing up and biting him in the neck as watching children scream in terror.

Other trainers rushed to try and help Shaheen, lying helpless on the ground, by poking the lion with sticks.

As the music cut out abruptly, the only sound was the screams of the panicked crowd fleeing in fright.

Shaheen was rushed to Andalusian Salam hospital but died later from his injuries.

He had worked as a circus trainer for ten years according to his brother.

However he was caught by surprise by the lion that was new to the troupe from South Africa, Al-Arabiya reported.

Mohammed Mustafa, the circus spokesman, said the attack happened as the lion was in the mating season and so behaving erratically.

The lion has been withdrawn from any upcoming shows as a vet checks it over.

One of the lions was on the ladder, while the other two were standing below (the one closest to the trainer then attacks him)

12 thoughts on “Egypt: Lion mauls his abusive Muslim tamer to death

  1. Does this man deserve death because he is a muslim? I hope you don’t think that because while I oppose political Islam I do not wish anything bad on individual Muslims. Anyone can change their mind based on reasoning and our goal should be to persuade people not advocate for violence.


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