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The forgotten European slaves of (black) Islamic Barbary North Africa and Islamic Ottoman Turkey

People should be grateful to professor Robert Davis for bringing up the subject and to help his students to understand the facts from history versus the liberal re-writing of history.

However, the number of Europeans captured into slaves by black African Barbary pirates and the Ottomans under the umbrella of Islam, was far beyond “2.5 million”. It may, in fact, have been closer to the same volume estimated in the African slave trade of its own people (140 million). For example, Dr Andrew Bostom (the author of three books; The Legacy of Jihad, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Sharia Versus Freedom) brought to our attention that historic references reveal that in Poland over 3 million (!) people got captured during Muslim African and Ottoman slave raids. If a small country like Poland lost 3 million people, and considering it is positioned far north of the main central points of Muslim slave raids, we can only imagine what must have happened in France, Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe.

Thanks to the liberal left, we are gradually returning to the medieval times.



The Forgotten European Slaves of Islamic Barbary North Africa and Islamic Ottoman Turkey

by Krsto Zrnov Popović


Ohio State University history Professor Robert Davis describes the White Slave Trade as minimized by most modern historians in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500–1800 (Palgrave Macmillan).

Davis estimates that 1 million to 1.25 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th, by slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone (these numbers do not include the European people which were enslaved by Morocco and by other raiders and traders of the Mediterranean Sea coast), 16th- and 17th-century customs statistics suggest that Istanbul’s additional slave import from the Black Sea may have totalled around 2.5 million from 1450 to 1700. The markets declined after the loss of the Barbary Wars and finally ended in the 1830s, when the region was conquered by France. [*The much vilified Colonialization was all about creating road blocks for the expansion of Muslim occupation attempts into Europe, by splitting regions so Muslims would not join as one army.]

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans were captured by Barbary pirates and sold as slaves in North Africa and the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries. These slave raids were conducted largely by Arabs and Berbers rather than Ottoman Turks. However, during the height of the Barbary slave trade in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Barbary states were subject to Ottoman jurisdiction and ruled by Ottoman pashas. Furthermore, many slaves captured by the Barbary corsairs were sold eastward into Ottoman territories before, during, and after Barbary’s period of Ottoman rule.

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The Barbary Muslim pirates kidnapped Europeans from ships in North Africa’s coastal waters (Barbary Coast). They also attacked and pillaged the Atlantic coastal fishing villages and town in Europe, enslaving the inhabitants. Villages and towns on the coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and

France were the hardest hit. Muslim slave-raiders also seized people as far afield as Britain, Ireland and Iceland.

In 1544, the island of Ischia off Naples was ransacked, taking 4,000 inhabitants prisoners, while some 9,000 inhabitants of Lipari Island off the north coast of Sicily were enslaved.870 Turgut Reis, a Turkish pirate chief, ransacked the coastal settlements of Granada (Spain) in 1663 and carried away 4,000 people as slaves. In 1625, Barbary pirates captured the Lund Island in the Bristol Channel and planted the standard of Islam. From this base, they went ransacking and pillaging surrounding villages and towns, causing a stunning spectacle of mayhem, slaughter and plunder. According to Milton, ‘Day after day, they struck at unarmed fishing communities, seizing the inhabitants, and burning their homes. By the end of the dreadful summer of 1625, the mayor of Plymouth reckoned that 1,000 skiffs had been destroyed and similar number of villagers carried off into slavery.’871 Between 1609 and 1616, the Barbary pirates ‘captured a staggering 466 English trading ships.’

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In 1627, Pirates went on a pillaging and enslaving campaign to Iceland. After dropping anchor at Reykjavik, his forces ransacked the town and returned with 400 men, women and children and sold them in Algiers. In 1631, he made a voyage with a brigand of 200 pirates to the coast of Southern Ireland and ransacked and pillaged the village of Baltimore, carrying away 237 men, women and children to Algiers.

The barbaric slave-raiding activities of the Muslim pirates had a telling effect on Europe. France, England, a.Spain lost thousands of ships, devastating to their sea-borne trade. Long stretches of the coast in Spain and Italy were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants until the nineteenth century. The fishing industry was virtually devastated.

Paul Baepler’s White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives lists a collection of essays by nine American captives held in North Africa. According to his book, there were more than 20,000 white Christian slaves by 1620 in Algiers alone; th.number swelled to more than 30,000 men and 2,000 women by the 1630s. There were a minimum of 25,000 white slaves at any time in Sultan Moulay Ismail’s palace, records Ahmed ez-Zayyani; Algiers maintained a population of 25,000 white slaves between 1550 and 1730, and their numbers could double at certain times. During th.same period, Tunis and Tripoli each maintained a white slave population of about 7,500. Barbary pirates enslaved some 5,000 Europeans annually over a period of nearly three centuries.

According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50).

“O Prophet! We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have paid their dowries, a.those whom your right hand possesses of those whom Allah has given you as spoils of war”, Sura 33:50. Sura 4:3 and 4:24 (extend privilege to Muslim men in general).



11 thoughts on “The forgotten European slaves of (black) Islamic Barbary North Africa and Islamic Ottoman Turkey

  1. white slavery is true and fact, even in roman empire era where caesar enslaved gaul and spaniard.. but this prof davis book actaully ignored, because academics preferred…. so many argubale….


  2. Always hate speeches here and there, bullshit researchers, and I guess no researchers behind this stupid faked truths, muslims in this exact decades were putting the basic building blocks for most of today Siences, there weren’t thinking about woman as this stupid words mentioned, they only depend on women to learn them to sing at the time when men were something unaccepted to sing as their voices are not convenient as women ones.


    • You are the one who is full of bullshit if not provide evidence to back your claims up as there is overwhelming evidence to back this story up !


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  4. Slave raids is Poland were mainly lead fron eastern direction, from the depths of Asia, also islamic in those times. Consider, that nowadays russian army consists in at least 40% with allah worshippers. IT IS going to happen again and it is going to be worse than ever in history (not only this written in books).


    • If things were being run properly, not only would the bloody umma be in bloody flight from Europe, NATO’s army would be ramping up for the re-conquest of North Africa and the Middle East. Arabia’s only real value is that of a destination for the re-located Arab occupiers of historic Christian land and the deportees [all the Orthodox Sunni and Shia] from the West.

      The Muslims get Arabia. The Original owners get everything else.

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