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Sweden: Muslims walk free from gang rape charges of a disabled woman

The filthy socialists in Sweden apparently don’t process detailed medical tests of their Muslim rape victims. Nor do police reports have much strength in courts. So why do they have a police force at all? Just let the Muslims run free and rob and rape as they please.

Several witnesses see a wheelchair bound woman dragged into the bushes by a group of Muslim men who forcefully hold her arms and legs. Their identity is protected and concealed by the media. Held by force, she is brutally group raped one by one by her attackers. This scene is too difficult for the Swedish courts to grasp. Apparently they did not have the required four male witnesses, according to Sharia.

The people involved ‘changed their story’. No bruises? No force to the genitals are reported in any medical examination? Surely it cannot be too difficult for courts to come to their own conclusions, even if every word is not exact to description? People forget their statements all the time in court because it takes too long for cases to be heard.

Even when FIVE police officers got called to the scene and intervened to stop the rape, it is still too difficult for the Swedish court to puzzle the pieces together. They are clueless what could have happened even when the victim was basically abducted and raped in a state of intoxication and unable to defend herself or fight back, AND with witnesses and police present. The Swedish court system appear to lack a guilt by association rule, which makes it a perfect country for Muslim rapists who deeply admire the lenient Scandinavian legal system that allow them to do whatever their please.

What fucking absurd left-wing court system they have! Unbelievable. The Swedes are truly the dumbest people in the Western world. Total idiots. And when they know there is a weakness and failure in the system, they don’t even bother to resolve it and improve on it.

The article is translated with Bing and Google into English and lightly edited for easier reading:



De tre männen frias från den grova gruppvåldtäkten utanför Brandbergens centrum.

The three men were freed for assaulted group rape outside of Brandbergens centrum. Photo: Monika Gustafsson

All three men acquitted of group rape

Filip Magnusson
Mitt i Stockholm, 23 november 2016, 15:57

All three men who had been detained for assaulted rape of a physically impaired woman outside Brandbergens centrum are freed by the District Court. “Although there are circumstances in the investigation that is embarrassing for the defendants, the District Court concluded that the plaintiff’s information did not win sufficient support,” the District Court concluded in the judgement.

The case outside Brandbergens centrum on the night of 9th of July has contained whether three men ruthlessly exploited and aggravated raped a physically impaired, drunk woman, or if the woman is considered to have consented to it.

Common ground is that some witnesses alerted the police and that five police patrols dispatched and roughly intervened and stopped the suspected rape incident.

The three men, two in their 30s and one in his 50s, would, according to the indictment, along with a fourth unknown individual, had taken advantage of the particularly vulnerable circumstances of the woman through her disabilities and intoxication.


A fourth man was running away from the police and is still unknown.

According to public prosecutor Anna Stråth’s lawsuit, the three men held the woman by the hair and held her by the arms and legs and forced her to have sexual intercourse on the site.

Anna Stråth argued that the crime was aggravated because the men were in a group who molested her, and they showed particular ruthlessness and brutality.

It is clear that everyone involved had been drunk. And the conflicting, and changed information, now make that men completely absolved from the crime.

Additionally, the six witnesses in the case had different perceptions about what happened, and both the suspected men and women changed several statements during the preliminary investigation and proceedings.

In a police interrogation one of the men said, later amended a number of his statements at the trial, that the other men dragged the woman into the bushes outside Brandbergens centrum.

The man changed his testimony in court and argued that this was not done by force.

He claims that he did not understand the questions in the police interview, and did not remembered much due to his intoxication.

Another of the suspects responded in a statement that he did not know if he had sex with the woman, while in the court hearing he was certain that he did not have it [sex]. [Do they not conduct any medical tests on rapists in Sweden???]

Because the woman’s story changed during the process of the case, according to the District Court it was impossible to get a clear picture from the woman about what actually happened.

The right believes that there are circumstances in the investigation that is embarrassing for the men, but that, in summary, the woman’s information “did not win enough support from the rest of the investigation of the case to be considered so reliable that they can be used as a basis for a conviction”.

Until 12th of December the judgment may be appealed.

Neither party has appealed the verdict yet.



8 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslims walk free from gang rape charges of a disabled woman

  1. Sweden is dead as a Judeo-Christian Western Civilized country because of the leftist socialist democrat muslim political system and leadership. It is now just a Sharia Islamist Muslim Socialist police state.

    If this is what Swedish people want- to be ruled by evil, where they are subject to murder, rape, pillage, and enslavement by Islamist Mulsims and their own govt, then they deserve everything they get.

    Thank God there are still people and nations in the Western Free World that fight against this evil.

    Pamela Geller: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man”


  2. European women must carry guns or use any object to defend themselves. I would rather go to jail ’cause I killed a pig (or be cause I just chopped off his/them balls) that tried to rape me, than get raped or stabbed.


  3. Wow. This is unbelievably incompetent. Authorities supporting criminals to protect “multiculturalism” ??
    The Swedish seem to be more controlled than sheep.


  4. Typical of silly Sweden I am just disgusted this poor woman what could she do in a bloody wheelchair? Swedish women if they have any sense need to leave Sweden. Ireland gives a ten year sentences to attempted murderers – in other words threatening to decapitate. As for rape they do not get off. Good example in small rural town in NW Republic of Ireland. Gardai (Police) are built like battle ships, rugby players, stand no nonsense and aren’t frightened to give a left hook. The women are tough as well Gardai that is. So girls move to Ireland where the men are men.

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