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Saudi Arabia Bans Transgenders

Saudi Arabia has formally banned “transgender” people from even visiting that country, a move coming on top of their long-standing ban on homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

Despite this, the U.S. government and other European nations—who all support “LGBT rights,” maintain strong links with the Saudis, and are even in a military alliance with them against Syria.

According to the Pakistan Today news service, the Saudi government has with immediate effect instructed its consuls around the world to deny visas to any “transgender” person.

According to that newspaper, the Travel Agents’ Association of Pakistan has been informed not to facilitate the transportation of “transgenders” for any reason whatsoever, and specifically not to perform “Umrah.”


The “Umrah” is a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year, in contrast to the “Hajj,” which takes place once a year during the last month of the Islamic calendar.

Homosexuality and cross-dressing are viewed by the Saudi government as immoral acts, and are treated as serious crimes.

Currently, the Saudi government hands out fines, prison sentences, and public whippings for a first conviction for homosexuality, while a second conviction automatically commands the death penalty.

In March this year, the Jeddah-based Okaz newspaper reported that prosecutors in the country are pushing to enforce the death penalty for homosexuality on the first conviction.

Okaz said that 35 cases had been brought against homosexuals “for obscene behavior” in the previous six months, and that the state is also bringing prosecutions against at least 50 other homosexuals, cross-dressers, and people found in possession of pornography.

Okaz added that there had been an “increase in abnormal behavior” which it attributed to the Internet, and that due to the boom in internet use, people are becoming “increasingly bold about their abnormalities.”
The Muslim hatred of LGBT: Pakistan police arrested Jajja Butt (left) in November 14, 2016, for brutally torturing a transgender.

The paper added that there had also been a court case where a man had been arrested for flying a rainbow flag outside his home. The man, a doctor in Jeddah, said that he had no idea that the flag was used by homosexuals, and had bought it online after his five-year-old daughter had told him she liked the “pretty” colors.

Most western nations just ignore these anti-homosexual laws and regulations, and would never consider sanctioning the Saudi state for these “anti-progressive” laws.

On the contrary, “progressives” actively court the Saudis—and their money, as was recently so dramatically revealed with the Clinton Foundation email leaks which showed that Hillary Clinton—the homo rights champion—had received millions in “gifts” from the Saudis.



2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Bans Transgenders

  1. Saudi Arabia must as well ban ALL non Muslims from entering the country if it wants to perfectly obey strict shari’a law. This means it has to close itself off from 70 percent of the world and cut off ties with Western nations.


  2. . . . and yet, Muslims will dress little boys in girls clothing, make them dance and will have sex with them. A completely corrupt “religion.”


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