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German courts rule that Sharia patrols harassing people in Wuppertal, break no laws

People are so delusional. This problem has to be stopped and banned now. They forget that the Taliban started small in Afghanistan while Afghan women were wearing short skirts and going to University. No one did anything to get rid of them. And today the whole country is in war and under their control. Iran’s Ayatollah was protected by France, allowing the removal of the moderate Shah and the creation of the ultra-regime we see in Iran today. These socialist left-wingers are completely insane and France is responsible for the Eurabia spreading everywhere to which they should be made responsible. They are the fundamental cause for all the problems in their alliance with every islamist they can find.



‘Sharia patrol’ organised by Muslim preacher ordering people to stop drinking or listening to music is BACKED by German courts 

  • The group, led by German convert Sven Lau, held patrols in the city of Wuppertal in 2014
  • Members urged people to stop drinking, gambling and listening to music, while wearing vests bearing the words ‘Sharia Police’
  • They did not break a law on wearing political uniforms a court ruled
  • One witness thought the men on the patrol were taking part in a stag do 

A group of Islamists did not break the law when they formed ‘sharia police’ street patrols, telling people to stop drinking, gambling and listening to music, a German court has ruled.

The ultra-conservative group, formed by German convert Sven Lau, sparked outrage in 2014 when it held patrols in the western city of Wuppertal in 2014.

They wore orange vests bearing the words ‘Sharia Police’.

Islamist preacher Sven Lau led the ultra-conservative group, which wore orange vests wearing the words Sharia Police

But prosecutors at the city’s district court could not prove that seven accused members had broken the law.

A ban on political uniforms would only be breached if the outfits worn were ‘suggestively militant or intimidating’ – but court officials ruled they were not threatening, and that one witness thought the men were part of a batchelor party.

The same court had already thrown out the case last year, but was overruled on appeal by a higher court, which agreed with prosecutors that the ban on uniforms could be applied in this case.

The court ruled the vests, like the one shown in this image, did not break laws governing wearing political uniforms

Monday’s verdict is not yet final and may still be appealed.

The ‘sharia police’ members walked the streets of Wuppertal in September 2014, telling nightclub-goers to refrain from drinking alcohol and listening to music, and arcade customers not to play games for money.

Lau, the organiser, is one of Germany’s most controversial and best known Islamist preachers.

He is currently on trial in a separate case on charges of backing ‘a terrorist group’ fighting in Syria.

So-called ‘sharia patrols’ by sometimes violent radical young Salafists have also been seen in other European cities such as London, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

9 thoughts on “German courts rule that Sharia patrols harassing people in Wuppertal, break no laws

  1. The shari’a police proclaimed that in Islam there IS compulsion in religion. They might as well in Wuppertal put swords to people’s throats and say the Shahada under forced dawah.


  2. Yes, the only way is anti sharia patrols. Sharia has no place in the west and if I am approached by anything like this I will assume they are going to attack me and I will hurt or maim then. Any old dirty arab could say they are sharia patrol.. I dont recognise sharia and now law court will tell me otherwise. I will join an anti sharia patrol if I find any

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  4. So let’s all form ‘Anti-Sharia’ patrols, wearing orange vests, and promote the thrills and excitements of sex, alcohol, music and the like. We’ll go up to the obvious Muslims and say “Have you ever gotten REALLY drunk? It’s so freeing!” Or “You need to get laid, NOW! Here’s a discount coupon to the nearest baudy house.” See how well that works. We might have to be wearing armour, though.


  5. This just proves how insane the Left is, allowing radical Islamists to force their political Islam upon the German people.
    That is why we must fight the ultra-Leftists at the polls, as they did in the US.
    Germany must elect a center-right party. I don’t recommend far-right because that can be just as bad as ultra-left.


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