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Austria: Muslim refugees brutally attack Polish girl until her jaw broke in two

They fabricated a story, that their veil had been pulled as an excuse to pounce on her. This has nothing to do with headscarves being pulled. It’s staged excuses to attack a non-muslim. It’s simply a form of teen jihad. These kind of attacks are happening in alarming numbers all across Europe. The media barely reports on 1% of the cases.



Teen victim speaks out after shocking video of beating

The Local
Published: 15 Nov 2016 14:17 GMT+01:00

A Polish girl who kept her hands in her pockets as she was beaten so violently by a teenage gang that it broke her jaw in two places has said she did not react as she knew she had no chance.

Teen victim speaks out after shocking video of beating

Shocking video shows teenagers beating up girl (14 Nov 16)

Speaking for the first time about the video, the 15-year-old girl named only as Patricia, said that she realised she had no chance of getting away and that there were dozens of other teenagers watching off camera.

She said: “If I had reacted in any way, the beating would have simply been more severe.”

The attack left her with her jaw broken in two places, and she had to spend a week in hospital where a steel plate and screws were inserted into her jaw to fix it into place. She said she had to be given strong painkillers and could only drink liquids.

She said that the violence had been organised by one of the people in the gang after she stood up to one of the girls, who decided to teach her a lesson.

She said: “What happened was to teach me a lesson. She told the others that I had ripped a woman’s headscarf off, and they all flew into a rage.

“I knew if I had fought back, I would only have been hit more. So, I just waited until it was over.”

Patricia said she was not sure whose headscarf she is supposed to have removed, and friends of hers have said she would never do such a thing.

The horrific video shows the girl refusing to be cowed by the thugs, including a boy of the same age who repeatedly slaps her in the face.

Despite the violent blows that broke her jaw in two places, she keeps her hands in her pockets and refuses to run.

The attack happened at the Danube Centre, a shopping centre in the Kagran district of Vienna, which was in the news earlier in the year when it was revealed that so-called ‘Sharia police’ from the Muslim Chechen community in Vienna had been operating there.

The schoolgirl lives with her Polish family in the Meidling district of the capital, according to reports.

The Heute newspaper reported that the girl was also threatened by the youth gang not to go to the police or make a complaint.

But the same evening of the incident, which happened last Wednesday, her sister filed a complaint with the police while Patricia was in hospital.

Police spokesman Paul Eidenberger said: “We know the youngsters, they have already been involved in similar cases in Lower Austria.” All four people who can be seen in the clip have been arrested.

The gang leaders are said to be a 15-year-old Austrian girl who is in social care and a Chechen boy who came to Austria as a refugee.

Patricia said: “The leader goes by the nickname Abuu, he had an accident when he was a kid and he now has a disabled passport. But he just isn’t right in the head. He turned up here afterwards with flowers and chocolates to say sorry, but my friend John was here, he is also Chechen and is ashamed at the way his countrymen are acting. He chased him off.”

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  1. The world political estabilment(USA zionists) is using muslim imigrants to cause destabilisation of countries political regimes in order to pose social disorder, implement a police goverment to pave the road ready for their zionist New World Order.

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