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U.S. Muslims make up only 1% of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints

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Corporate America is Allowing Sharia to Creep In

Muslims make up only one percent of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints.

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Islamic terror attacks have taken the world by storm the last several months.  From Orlando and Istanbul, to Karrada and Nice, these and many other attacks have made fearful citizens eager to avoid becoming a target of Muslim radicals.  Instead of seeing the need to get tough with jihadism, some individuals see it as a time to make frightened concessions to the Muslim community.  These individuals tend to blame the political environment and the rhetoric of people like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the alleged hostility from Muslims.  Carol Hymowitz and Jeff Green wrote an article for Bloomberg about corporate America’s response titled The Rise of Muslim-Friendly Workplaces in Corporate America.  Even though the authors say the motivations for the…

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6 thoughts on “U.S. Muslims make up only 1% of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints

  1. We have to remember “Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jews living there & occupied most of the places by production of illegitimate child like Jihadist, Hamas,ISIS,Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra,,PLO,FTO,army of the Islam etc, this is the nature of the Islam, first refuge & than occupy,than produce, than destroy temples/Churches/ Synagogues etc, wiping out the origins of the land , the non Muslims country should unite & let the world know that refuge/shelter/brutal invasion & majority in numbers does not make the Muslims the rightful owner of that land


  2. There are 2 things at play here about why Muslims like to file discrimination suits. 1. Lazy. looking for money without working.
    2. Superiority. They think they deserve kuffar’s money, and/or they are upset they are not superior to anyone else at work.


  3. There is this confusion between the notion of out-reach in solicitation of understanding and up-reach as the gesture of surrender.

    I have no intention of hammering out any understandings. The election’s over and the gloves can come off now. It’s been fifteen years since the 9-11 attacks and it’s time for Islam and Muslims to leave.

    They will do all the accommodating, and it’s accomplished by leaving. No more, no less.


  4. The whining Muslims, let’s just deport them back to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. There are more Eastern European wishing to ally with Russia. Can you blame them, they don’t want muslim immigrants. There will be more brexits.


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