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Austria: Gang of ‘boys’ who raped 15-year old in school, while teachers ignored her cries, are jailed

M-word is not mentioned in the article. We know exactly what kind of “boys” this was. This is the description of this incident in 2015 in liberal dominated Europe: “Several other students, boys and girls, reportedly saw them rape her but did nothing to stop them. Students said that the girl’s screams could be heard in nearby classrooms but that teachers did not come out to investigate. The girl was reportedly told off when she arrived to her class late.”

A child is raped. No one cares. Not even the teachers. This is what is happening everywhere. We can only guess that the school has a very large muslim student population and teachers know how violent they are. They therefore do nothing since authorities don’t come to their help either. The raped teen only got help when she told a new teacher, who apparently was not used to what is happening at the school.

A country that cannot protect its own people should not bring in a single immigrant.




Prison for five boys who assaulted schoolgirl
The court building in Graz. Photo:

Prison for five boys who assaulted schoolgirl

The Local
Published: 11 Nov 2016

Five teenagers aged between 15 and 16 have been sentenced by a court in Graz for the rape and sexual abuse of a fellow school student, who was 15 at the time.

The boys were accused of orchestrating three incidents which took place at a secondary middle school in Graz in 2015. Only one of the accused confessed to the abuse.

Initially the 15-year-old victim was too scared and ashamed to talk about what had happened to her, but she did confide in a new teacher months after the abuse had happened. Police initially investigated 20 students and finally charged six teenagers with rape, sexual coercion, bodily injury and obstruction of justice.

The schoolgirl said that she was groped and assaulted in the school’s medical room. She said that two of the boys raped her and the others threatened to punish her if she told anyone, and had held the doors shut so that she couldn’t escape.

One of the six suspects was found not guilty as it couldn’t be proved that he was involved in the abuse. The main suspect was convicted of two counts of rape and sentenced to 24 months, eight of which can be served outside of prison. The only suspect who confessed to the crimes received a one year conditional sentence. The other three boys received sentences of between three and ten months.

The prosecutor said that although most of the defendants admitted that “something had happened”, they would not admit they had any part in it. She said that they showed “not a trace of regret or compassion” and that their punishment should “make it clear that there is no excuse for violence, and that violence against women should not be tolerated”.

5 thoughts on “Austria: Gang of ‘boys’ who raped 15-year old in school, while teachers ignored her cries, are jailed

  1. Until we do not give them a taste of their own medicine they will never stop. European politicians are weak and they know very well. People should carry justice by their own hand, as politicians and law forces are useless.


  2. These boys got off lightly,they are old enough to do the crime and know it is wrong ,judges are not giving justice for the victims ,giving too much consideration to the rapists,to be raped especially by a gang would be a horrific experience for any young girl,and she will never forget it and might never get over it ,everyone let her down ,the school ,teachers and the judge they should all be ashamed of themselves.

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  3. we KNOW they r muslim bcz she was raped? lol hah! wow!
    ok, so let me get this str8:
    SJW hate all whites
    AltRyt hates all muslims
    n NOONE thinks thats screwed up?

    Here’s an idea: dont h8. I know its difficult for the ideologues on the Left n the Ryt. But, u know, give it a try

    Also, if u wish to know how to avoid this: proper settlement programs like Canada has. Check out the number of crimes committed by Muslims in Canada. EXTREMELY LOW. Why? Because Canada, being a MIDDLE OF THE ROAD country, has proper settlement programs that address socio-economic, health AND ideological issues that come w immigration.

    But don’t take my word for it. Keep acting like your opponents. The AltRyt n SJW r the exact same mentality,


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