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Germany’s £13.7 BILLION muslim migrant bill in only 18 months

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This is not fully true and is only the beginning. Every refugee cost at least £10,000 in handouts for basics but the Germans also have to pay for their healthcare, for increase in public services, for additional schools, and much much more. Besides, EU was bringing in 1 million muslim migrants per year BEFORE the so called “crisis”. Angela Merkel signed a death sentence on her own people.



Germany’s £13.7 BILLION migrant bill: Huge amount is revealed as report shows Merkel’s government spends £10,500 on EACH of their 1.3m arrivals over 18 months

  • The money goes towards food, clothes, schooling and care for children
  • Doesn’t include costs of training courses or deporting failed applicants
  • Germany will have taken in around 1.3 million refugees by end of the year
  • After just 18 months there are refugee budget deficits of £2.1billion

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3 thoughts on “Germany’s £13.7 BILLION muslim migrant bill in only 18 months

  1. There’s no way the new Germans can get a villa with a circle drive, a pair of matching Mercedes sedans and a household domestic for a measly £10,500. Fortunately there is enough strength in the German economy for each indigenous German to work another thirty hours a week in order to put together the kind of incentive package that justifies the trek from Parasitistan.

    It would be best to begin immediately in this crucial [and mandatory] supplementation as Family Reunification will soon be requiring an annual quintupling of resources committed to satisfying Islamic requirements.

    Contrary to common misconception, most recent Muslim immigrants to Germany want immigration rates to be slowed. If complete Islamification comes soon all the current Muslims will get title to a minimum of seven ethnic Germans. If these runaway rates continue, the pro rata share may fall to four, or even three, which most Muslims there now conclude would be an injustice. “Let those ‘Achmeds-come-latelies’ go find their own European country”, said Abdul the Turk in Frankfort, “I was here first!”


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