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Sweden: Pro-migrant Pope Francis changes his mind after a visit to Malmö, ‘Immigration must be limited or it is dangerous’

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Pope Francis was in favour of immigration – until he visited Malmö

FriaTider, Published 8 november 2016
By Daniel Albinsson

Pope Francis visit to Sweden last week seems to have been a real eye opener for him. It writes the prestigious Catholic magazine Crux that has great insight into the life of the Pope and the Vatican.

The Pope has previously made statements such as “we are all immigrants”, and it is “hypocritical to call oneself Christian and reject refugees” and that “immigrants do not pose a danger”. The statements have been interpreted that the Pope has supported the open borders policy that, among other things, Sweden and Germany implemented.

On the flight home to Rome after visiting Malmö and Lund the Pope suddenly took a different tone, reports the magazine with correspondents working full time at the Vatican.

– Immigrants must be processed in accordance with certain rules, immigration is a right, but it must be regulated, said the Pope.

– On the other hand; being a refugee means that you come from a terrible situation with war, anxiety, hunger and a refugee status requires more care and work.

During his visit, the Pope met with Sweden a Swedish Government representative who is reported to have informed him of the situation in the country. According to the anonymous representative only 500 of the 163,000 asylum seekers who came to Sweden last year have got jobs and are self-sufficient. The rest live on welfare.

The figures, which are not spoken highly of in Sweden, seem to worry the Pope. He is also concerned by reports of so-called “no-go zones” as particularly lonely police patrols are hesitant to go into, for example, to check a suspicious car.

– What are the hazards when a refugee or immigrant will not integrate? Francis asked rhetorically.

– He is gettofied, he ends up in a ghetto. A culture that does not evolve in relationship with another culture, is dangerous!

The Pope also clarified that he distinguishes between having an open heart and an open border.

– If a country only manages to integrate, for example, 20 immigrants, then it should just let in so many. If another country can receive more, then it may receive more, he said.


8 thoughts on “Sweden: Pro-migrant Pope Francis changes his mind after a visit to Malmö, ‘Immigration must be limited or it is dangerous’

  1. the responce of Pope Francis to his experience of the Muslim Migrants in Sweden is short and terse; I thought his original remarks concerning the hordes of Muslim migrants flooding Europe were simply that the cultural experience would be good for Europe; what the Pope says now is very different, saying merely that if a country can only manage 10 Muslim refugees then they should take no more. There are no words from the Pope about the wonderful experience of embracing diversity, which he must now see is merely murder, rape, cruelty, child marriage etc which are all an integral part of the Muslim culture and ideology which controls their spiritual beliefs without any freedom to question anything under threat of death


  2. Those 500 economic migrants who have jobs and are self-sufficient… They are almost certainly simply enrolled in Swedish for Immigrants classes, and paid a little for doing that, while living off welfare.

    You really can’t believe Swedish press. At all. (Who do you think gave the US the idea that people who’ve given up looking for work are no longer unemployed? Sweden is Crazyville.)


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