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German ministry wants migrants returned to Africa 

Migrants and refugees wrapped in survival foil blankets rest aboard the Topaz Responder ship

Migrants and refugees wrapped in survival foil blankets rest aboard the Topaz Responder ship.

Reuters, 6 November 2016 • 4:28am

The German Interior Ministry wants to stop migrants ever reaching Europe’s Mediterranean coast by picking them up at sea and returning them to Africa, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday.

In what would be a huge shift for a country with one of the most generous asylum policies, the ministry says the European Union should adopt an Australian-style system under which migrants intercepted at sea are sent for processing at camps in third countries.

“The elimination of the prospect of reaching the European coast could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey in the first place,” the paper quoted a ministry spokeswoman as saying.

“The goal must be to remove the basis for people-smuggling organisations and to save migrants from the life-threatening journey.”

The ministry’s proposal calls for migrants picked up in the Mediterranean – most of whom set off from conflict-torn Libya – to be sent to Tunisia, Egypt or other north African states to apply for asylum from there.

If their asylum applications are accepted, the migrants could then be transported safely to Europe.

The ministry is headed by Thomas de Maiziere, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats. Merkel has been under fire for her open-door refugee policy, with her party losing votes to the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in recent regional elections.

The ministry said there were no concrete plans or discussions at EU-level about the proposal, but opposition politicians condemned the plan.

Bernd Riexinger, head of the opposition Left party, said it would be “a humanitarian scandal and a further step toward elimination of the right to asylum,” the paper reported.

He said asylum applications should be filed in Germany to ensure applicants had access to legal help and he called Australia’s treatment of migrants “absolutely unacceptable”.

More than 2,200 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean in a single day on Saturday and 10 bodies were recovered, Italy’s coast guard said.

The International Organization for Migration said last week that 159,496 people had reach Italy by sea this year and 4,220 died trying – a sharp increase from 3,777 in the whole of 2015.

7 thoughts on “German ministry wants migrants returned to Africa 

  1. Africa has recieved so much aid it underwent a population boom.

    They repaid our genorosity by invading our countries by the million and raping every white women they could lay their stinky hands on.

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  2. Maybe if Herr Bernd Riexinger, head of the opposition Left party, was in charge, he might realise the folly of unrestricted immigration, and the complete hell-hole that will inevitably result.

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  3. Too bloody late for that! Merkel’s cooked Germany’s goose, locking the gate after the horse has bolted, a day late and a dollar short – all idioms for it’s easy to be wise after the event, if you get my meaning.


  4. My sympathy lies only with minors and women. I couldn’t give a toss how many have died. These men owe it to the own nations to stand their ground and fight for their countries. Damn well let them learn the hard way and finally grow like the rest of us have had to do. They are not children who cannot help themselves they are men who rape murder and commit atrocities – so ship them back.

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