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Sweden’s political elite finally agree: Muslim migrant violent crimes push police services on its knees

Maybe some of the older readers remember when we got trashed over our claims that Sweden was suffering from a Muslim rape wave? At that time no one was reporting about this problem, especially not in English. It was brought to our attention from a small article translated to us and on further investigation we, of course, found the same patterns we’ve seen in many countries that house a growing muslim population.

And look at the political establishment now. While having confessed that Muslims bring problems, they still can’t muster courage to openly use the M-word. They have to call is “migration crisis,” or “asylum chaos” so they keyword m-u-s-l-i-m gets hidden in padded language. Sweden suffers from a MUSLIM CHAOS not from immigrant chaos. Many immigrants live and behave perfectly well in the country, except Muslims. Knowing the truth, the politicians continue to be unwilling to deport and ban Muslims, which is the only long-term solution to a very dangerous future prognosis.

Sweden, formerly known as the world’s safest country, can’t even find enough staff to investigate the number of murders, rapes, assaults brought onto them by the Leftist socialist leadership. We don’t need to mention what migrant group is responsible for this hike on brutal crimes. It’s self-explanatory.

Bing translated into English. [*] Imply TMI comments within brackets:



Politicians agree: Asylum chaos helps crack police


FriaTider, Published: 27 september 2016, 21.55
By Daniel Albinsson ✉

[Sweden’s socialist idiots, who couldn’t run a nursery, in Parliament session]


Parliament on Tuesday debated the ongoing crisis in the police force with many defections and a greatly increased workload due to asylum chaos and immigration related violent crimes.

Politicians on both the right and the left wing now seems to agree. The asylum chaos that the Red-Green Government created last year by receiving over 160,000 immigrants from the third world have helped to force the Swedish police authority on its knees.

Interior minister Anders Ygeman (S) however, did not wanted to take responsibility for the Government not to shut the border faster than it did. According to him, it is rather unfortunate that the police began a major reorganization at the same time that asylum immigration hit a record.

“No one could at this time know which dramatically changed future and environment was expected,” he said. [*Not true. The reality was always visible, but they criminalised any discussion or research into it.]

– In one year 163.000 asylum seekers came to Sweden, more than ever before!

832 police officers resigned last year, more than any other year, which according to Police Association mainly was caused by the reorganization.

Tuesday’s debate was held on the initiative of the Center party parliamentary group. C-leader Annie Laar would, along with the rest of the Alliance, put pressure on the Government to act to bring order to the police.

– For a long time, we have encountered alarming reports about the situation of the Swedish police. The signals are becoming more and more alarming, we need to take them more seriously,” she said.

– Sexual molestations at summer festivals, car fires and riots, theft gangs in rural areas, concerns about unemployment and insecure around the whole country is allowed to grow.

Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth chose, when it was his turn, to immediately attack the C and the other parties that they not realized the police force’s needs until now. He argues that the police at least need more money.

– In the Centre Party’s recent sharp budget report it suggested not a cent more to the police authority,” he said.

– In fact, if you look at their budget they down graded spending on legal services with 15 million[SvKrona]. It was their proposal less than a year ago!

Ekeroth proceeded to critique the other alliance parties budget proposal and pointed out that SD [Swedish Democrats, Muslim critical] is the party that wants to invest most of all on the justice system. Among other things, the party wants to invest 1.5 billion [SvKrona] extra on the police.

“We want to wager 30 times more than the Conservatives!”, he exclaimed.

Annie Lööf chose, when she got the word, not to respond to the criticism from SD.

– The purpose of this debate is to get answers on how we can improve the situation for the police and how the Government intends to take responsibility for the security of operations, she said.

Instead the C-leader chose to denounce the Red-Green Government and that it has not managed to bring order to the police authority.

“We are serious about security must be stepped up throughout the country and that the police is one of the keys for making this possible,” she said.

Former Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask (M) also spoke about the failure of the re-organization and said that the asylum-related crime is primarily affects rural areas, not the cities. [*The Swedish government has spread Muslims all over the country. Of course, their rapes, murders and arson is noticeable more in small cities than in larger ones where it gets absorbed and more prevalent in Sharia-enclaves.]

– As regards, for example, the violence of the refugee camps, that is a problem, so it is especially a concern in rural areas, she argued.

Anders Ygeman ended by thanking the Centre Party and the opposition for debate and he promised more police officers in “the socially deprived areas”. [*And how will that help if the core of the problem – Muslims – remain living in these areas?]



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  1. Well well well as one of Muslim Issues older readers I recall the criticism we came under. Silly Sweden run by silly boys and girls the girls should have stayed home had babies and birth the next generation. Leave it up to the Muslims Sweden’s IQ will be lower than it already is!

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