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Sweden’s Muslim problem: Half a million women sex attacked in a year

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Put this into perspective to see how horrific these figures truly are: The total Swedish population is only 9.6 million people. In 2009 a US report stated that there are 450,000 to 500,000 Muslims in Sweden, around 5% of the total population. Out of the 500,000  Muslim migrants in Sweden, half or less are men. In other words, there is roughly an equivalent to two sex attacks to every Muslim male in Sweden. These sex attacks are not committed by the natives.

It’s time for the Swedish population to take their government and political socialist elite to court.

Bing translated into English:



480 000 sex crimes against women in Sweden – in a year

Boras Tidning, Thursday November 3, 2016

More and more women are claiming to be victims of sex crimes. New figures from the Brå (National Council for crime prevention) is showing 480 000 events…

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4 thoughts on “Sweden’s Muslim problem: Half a million women sex attacked in a year

  1. The Muslims are having a good old time in Sweden. Living on state handouts, all the women they want to rape, no prosecution! They are all coming now!


    • Hi Az Gal we both subscriber to Bare Naked ISLAM and yup you are dead right why would sick muslims ever want to leave Sweden? As you point out, handouts, freedom to rape all Swedish women from 6 – 78 (did you read about this poor lady of 78 being raped?) and free accommodation! Property prices are going through the floor, the Swedish Kroner is daily loosing value, Pensioners have had tax increases on their Pensions and the Swedes do b*****r all other than vote the same bunch of idiots in year after year. They had a chance two years ago to change things but as Muslim Issue has pointed out the press was censored and some still is. Nice to meet you again.


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