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France shuts four ‘extremist’ mosques in Paris region

What’s an “extremist” mosque? Is there some other kind of mosque than what we are accustomed to? What the story tries to convey is that French government made the decision to closed down four ordinary mosques – mosques that promote hatred and terrorism.



France shuts four 'extremist' mosques in Paris region

France shuts four ‘extremist’ mosques in Paris region

The Local, Published: 03 Nov 2016

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Wednesday that France had taken action to close down four mosques suspected of promoting a violent form of Islam.

The mosques were all in the Ile-de-France region around Paris – in the departments of Yvelines, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val de Marne.

In a statement the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said authorities had “arranged the administrative closure of four mosques.”

The decision to shut them down was based on “Article 8 of the laws around the state of emergency which allows for closing places of worship in which words are spoken that provoke hatred or violence or incite people to commit acts of terrorism or justify such acts.”

The closures take effect immediately.

One of the mosques was the Al-Islah mosque in Villiers-sur-Marne where authorities discovered a hidden Islamic school in the summer.

It was known to intelligence services because it was frequented by 12 individuals convicted of trying to travel to Syria to wage jihad.

One of the closures was an Islamic prayer room in the town of Ecquevilly in Yvelines that was “an influential place for the Salafist movement… that called for discrimination and hate and even violence.”

After the spate of terror attacks over the last year the French government has been under pressure to crack down on radical Islam, particularly in mosques.

On October 12th the interior minister announced that 20 mosques and radicalized prayer rooms had been closed since France declared a state of emergency on the night of the November 13th terror attacks last year.

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