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Austria: Underage Muslim migrants attack family on a Halloween night stroll

Underage migrants attack family on a Halloween night stroll

Underage migrants attack family on a Halloween night stroll

The Local, Published: 04 Nov 2016

While walking around town to watch the Halloween celebrations, a happy evening stroll quickly turned into a horror show when a family was allegedly attacked by two drunken underage migrants in Kremsmuenster, Upper Austria.

Local media reported that two Afghan asylum-seekers aged 15 and 17 attacked a couple that was chaperoning a group of ten children on a tour around the town center. The underage migrants supposedly felt disturbed by the group during their drinking session.

Accompanied by his 33-year-old wife and their five children along with some other neighborhood kids, the 43-year-old man did what was necessary to protect his family and was able to fight off one of the attackers.

The man, named by local media as Christian Sch., was attacked around 8pm in the local Hofwiese park. He and his wife heard loud music from a bush and when they went to inspect what was going on, they were attacked by the two drunken migrants sitting there.

The 15-year-old migrant hit Christian Sch. with an open palm to his face, after which both engaged in a physical dispute. During the struggle, the 17-year-old Afghan went for the 15-year-old teenager who was part of the Austrian group. The 15-year-old received an uppercut to his chin, from which he suffered a bruised jaw.

While the 33-year-old woman wanted to return one of the children safely to his family, she was also attacked by one of the migrants, who allegedly pulled her hair with such force that she suffered injuries to her cervical spine. In response, Christian Sch. managed to land a punch to the young man’s face.

After the park attack, the two young Afghanis and the woman were given medical attention. As per local media, the two Afgahn minors were then detained.

Story courtesy of Central European News.

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