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Austria: Muslim migrant enters hospital to rape psychiatric patient, while another threatened to cut head off psychologist

How is that multicultural contribution they reported on with the arrival of this lot?

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A view of Innsbruck. Photo: Dnalor01/Wikimedia


Man arrested after attempted hospital sex attack

The Local, Published: 02 Nov 2016

An 18-year-old migrant from Somalia has been arrested for breaking into a hospital and trying to sexually assault a female patient.

The attempted sex attack reportedly happened in the early morning hours of Monday in the psychiatric department of the University Hospital of Innsbruck, the capital of the mountainous state of Tyrol.

The Somali man targeted a 29-year-old female patient but she was able to press the emergency button next to her bed, which alerted the nurse.

According to the State Police Directorate of Tyrol, the 40-year-old nurse who answered the call managed to pull the man away from his victim, after which she called the police.


The alleged sex offender has been arrested and has been taken to the penal institution in Innsbruck. No further details about the incident are available.

Another attack happened at a special care institute in Mödling, a city in the state of Lower Austria just south of the capital of Vienna.

A 19-year-old Afghan migrant is said to have threatened a psychologist when she was in a session with another patient.

The Afghan is reported to have threatened to cut her throat and even to behead her. When the police arrived, he became even more aggressive.

He tried to fight off the police officers who were attempting to put him in their patrol car, reports said, and smashed his head multiple times against the rear car window during the journey.

He has since been taken to a penal institution in Wiener Neustadt.

Story courtesy of Central European News.

2 thoughts on “Austria: Muslim migrant enters hospital to rape psychiatric patient, while another threatened to cut head off psychologist

  1. Austria and the West deserve the results of appeasing Saudi Wahhabi religion that advocate killing decapitation chopping hands and legs locking women financing ISIS – have you seen a church or holy Bible in Saudia. All that and they are supported by US. What happened to JASTA?


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