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Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Caught On Hidden Video Rant To Islamize America

If we are to believe Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, then Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy is essentially to just let all Syrians into our country. And according to interviews with Syrians, this works out pretty well. Many of them are now gearing up to get fake passports aimed at allowing them entry to Germany, where they will likely end up in the United States once Hillary takes the Presidential helm.

Huma Abedin is pushing the elite in Washington to fill the country with Muslims.

This, folks, is the real direction we are headed.

19 thoughts on “Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Caught On Hidden Video Rant To Islamize America

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  2. Recognize the deceit, deception and disingenuity.

    No, Donald Trump isn’t perfect. That doesn’t matter.

    This is what matters [in a rewarding 3 min, 19 sec]:


  3. This is about as childish and amateurish as anyone claiming to be a ‘news’ blog can get. PVA should be ashamed of themselves for the fear-mongering misinformation videos they constantly put out. Everyone involved with this bigoted garbage is an embarrassment to American values and anything remotely resembling journalism.


    • Not buying it Jay.

      Immigration and Islamic infiltration are issue number one. Islam is never benign, always malevolent.

      I want us to skip Europe’s torment. Islam is incompatible and I want it removed. Period.


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  5. My endocrinologist is Syrian, my colleagues are Tunisian, Mexican, Cuban, Vietnamese, British, all are highly skilled, all have either green cards or are full citizens. I myself am Scottish. My late father-in-law was Chinese and a brilliant Physicst. Millions of people have fled the mess in the Middle East caused by America in the aftermath of 9/11 where the guilty country Saudi Arabia was the only one in the region that was not punished. Of course, Saudi Arabia also refuses to take in the refugees. I think one can draw a parallel here.

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    • This was accomplished through leadership.

      Until the twenty-first century, Millard Fillmore was regarded as the worst President had by the USofA. Presently, not only has he slipped to third, there is a conspiracy to make him fourth.


      • The reference to leadership is sarcasm. The conspiracy to make Fillmore the fourth worst President refers to the Hillary campaign.


      • What’s important is that a Presidential candidate accepts tens of millions in donations from foreign potentates, our security apparatus has been compromised, and a horde of culturally inappropriate, homicidal and intolerant bigots who wish to send us, our country, and Western Civilization into a death spiral have been earmarked to come here and work their wicked will.

        Are you a fucking American or not?

        How would you describe your loyalties?


  6. And to the USA and Canada our retarede pm wants another 300,000 when we can’t even find jobs so it just more for us to support

    – Jacquie



  7. Immigration is not a human birthright.

    And proposing Islamic immigration is especially foolish, when all evidence accumulating is that the proper thing, for multiple imperatives, is that the Muslims we have should be rounded up and expelled precisely because of their choice of religion-based identity.

    I’m not kidding. Islam is un-American and incurably incompatible. We live in a democracy and I insist the government do as we say.

    Be sure to vote.


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