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Video: Churchill’s chilling warning on Islam and the fall of Europe

There was a sensible reason Muslims were banned from migrating to the West.

6 thoughts on “Video: Churchill’s chilling warning on Islam and the fall of Europe

  1. It would seem that every sane, literate person of even average intelligence is aware of this so why are there so many fools out there? the answer is quite simple…the brainwashing of children and teenagers by islam is so effective that now the Left (as did the Nazis and Communists) now practises this wholesale in the electronic MSM and in textbooks and via their already brainwashed, ignorant academic minions at both secondary and tertiary levels. I met a group of young teachers, all leftists, in a mountain hut. I questioned them on their political views and then asked “why?”. It was like WMP on repeat: they all said the same thing and not one of them had a clue about the real historical truth behind their false views. I have never had much respect for young teachers but this depth of ignorance so proudly pushed by them shocked me as they teach our youth. If there is a god we need him direly.


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