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Kuwaiti woman claims parrot’s sexy language indicate husband’s affair

Parrot squawking saucy words exposes man’s affair with his housemaid as wife marches the bird to the police station demanding justice 

  • It is illegal to have an affair in Kuwait, where the couple live
  • The wife had long been suspicious of her husband and their maid 
  • But authorities ruled the parrot could not be used as evidence  

A woman who suspected her husband of cheating with their maid marched their pet parrot to police after it began spouting saucy lines she knew hadn’t been said to her.

She believed the parrot had exposed her husband’s secret trysts, which are illegal in Kuwait where they lived, Al Shahed Daily reports.

The woman took the parrot to police and filed an adultery complaint against her partner.

A woman believed her parrot had learned saucy words because her husband was having an affair (file photo)

However, the authorities ruled the parrot’s evidence was inadmissible because it was impossible to determine where the bird had heard it.

They argued he could have picked up the scandalous lines from television or a radio show.

In the strict Muslim country of Kuwait adultery is illegal and people found guilty of having affairs are subject to severe punishment.




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