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UK: Mummy’s boy studies the Koran – ends up planting explosives on London subways

How much would anyone like to bet that he was a staunch liberal? Likes attract.



‘Mummy’s boy’ held over Tube bomb plot ‘read the Koran’: Loner, 19 quizzed following discovery of a ‘suspicious device’ at his Devon house after a ‘viable’ homemade explosive is found on a Jubilee Line train in London 

  • Damon Smith, 19, named locally as man being quizzed over Tube bomb
  • Police tasered and arrested him in London then raided his former home
  • Found a ‘suspicious device’ after evacuating area in Newton Abbott
  • Neighbours say he loved poker and would travel to Casino in Plymouth 

A baby-faced poker fanatic was last night at the centre of a major counter-terror investigation into a crude bomb left on a Tube train.

The investigation took a dramatic turn when officers in Newton Abbot, Devon, raided the former home of Damon Smith, 19, and found a suspicious device.

He was later named as the suspect being questioned by police investigating the device found in London last week.

Damon Smith (pictured, right), described as a 'mummy's boy', enjoys a milkshake with his mother Antonitza (left)

Damon Smith, 19, was named locally as the suspect being quizzed by police investigating a device which sent part of London into lockdown

Photographs posted online show him showing off wads of cash and chips and he is an avid follower of several high-rolling card game stars

Devon police called in Scotland Yard, which sent in officers by helicopter and evacuated locals amid fears of an explosion. Roads were closed, football matches cancelled to allow helicopters to land and drinkers told they could not leave a local pub.

But experts ruled that the item discovered in the house was not a viable explosive device.

Friends said Mr Smith was interested in Islam and the Syria conflict, and had recently begun reading the Koran. He also appears to have travelled to Turkey and Tunisia on holiday earlier this year.

Relatives said they ‘would not talk about it’ when asked about Mr Smith’s arrest yesterday. His mother Antonitza, 47, was in hiding in nearby Torquay.

Mr Smith had moved out of the house in Devon and relocated to London several months ago with his mother, who requested a council house transfer.

The operation was part of a fast-moving investigation that began on Thursday when an explosive device was found on a Jubilee line Tube train. Bomb disposal experts conducted a controlled explosion after a ‘bag of wires’ was found in a carriage that had just passed under Canary Wharf and Westminster.

Officers discharged Tasers during the arrest on Holloway Road, north London, after a suspicious device was blown up in a controlled explosion

They then investigated his former home in Devon, where they found another suspicious device

Security sources said the device was ‘viable’ but at the ‘bottom end of seriousness’.

Thousands of officers were put on standby as a manhunt was launched. Mr Smith was arrested in the street in north London on Friday lunchtime by undercover armed officers.

He was a mummy’s boy but he didn’t appreciate it.
– Neighbour at former Devon home 

He was Tasered and wrestled to the ground a short distance from Holloway Road Tube station, about nine miles from North Greenwich station where the package was found. Last night he remained in custody and is being questioned on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts.

Residents living near his former home in Newton Abbot, a £100,000 modern terrace close to the local police station, said he had lived there for around five years but moved to London over the summer to attend university and was joined by his mother, who feared he would struggle to cope on his own.

The keen judo fighter, who competed for a local club, was a fanatical poker player

He regularly travelled to a casino in Plymouth

They said he was a keen judo fighter, who had competed for a local club, and a fanatical poker player who regularly travelled to a casino in Plymouth. In photographs on his Twitter account, Mr Smith poses with wads of cash he had won.

Other online posts suggest Mr Smith has an interest in guns and the Irish republican cause.

One poker opponent, who played against Mr Smith up to ten times, said he always arrived with his mother and stood out because of his distinctive ‘squeaky voice’.

He posted this image of his sleeping on a plane on social media

‘He is quite young-looking and always wears a hat,’ he said. ‘He had a very feminine voice. His mum and him stood out.

‘The main thing was his voice. It was squeaky. He sounded like a ten-year-old girl.

‘He did not drink alcohol. He was a decent player but he never had much money.’

A mother of another judo fighter at the club Mr Smith fought at said he had been banned from the club for punching her son in the face following a fight.

She added: ‘He was always with his mum. He was a mummy’s boy but he didn’t appreciate it.’

One former neighbour, 81, said: ‘He seemed like a normal teenager. You used to see him walking the dog.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they are not looking for anyone else in connection with their inquiry.

Officers were granted a warrant of further detention on Saturday night and can hold him for up to 14 days.

7 thoughts on “UK: Mummy’s boy studies the Koran – ends up planting explosives on London subways

  1. ‘Some Mother’s do ‘ave ’em’ as more often than not women spoil their brat son’s instead handling them tough. Boys need to work keep busy and study well. This reduces the high levels of testosterone running around their bodies. In my view boys need to spend the majority of their time with their father’s after the age of 10. It’s a rare woman who can bring up a man!


  2. Islam is not a religion. It is a total system of life; a social and political system that uses an intolerant deity to advance its agenda of geo-political aspirations – the conquest and administration of territory.


  3. Oof. Wouldn’t like to be in his shoes now. He’s looking at some real hard time. Maybe 25 even 30 hours community service. Sick of this fucking nanny state.


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