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The Killing of Qandeel Baloch – BBC Documentary

As more information has emerged about the brutal honor killing of Pakistan’s social media queen Qandeel Baloch, a clearer image of the events begin to emerge. Basically, you can make out that Qandeel was killed by the encouragement of the cleric Mufti Qavi she shared an TV-interview with which sparked upset in the country fuelled by men within the media who kept inflaming the situation with their reporting about her.

The Mufti “loved” her and wanted to meet her. She carelessly revealed this on national television. The Mufti was the usual muslim pervert looking for an opportunity to extract some sexual favours from her by creating contact and friendship with her. Qandeel would represent the idea of a “prostitute” in Pakistani society, with her tight clothing, her willingness to be seen on social media on different degrees of undress. She began posting images of her meeting with the Mufti, sitting close to him in tight clothes, wearing his cap, which became offensive to many muslim males in his congregation. She also revealed the village she was born in through social media, which gave the Pakistani media enough information to unravel her true identity and her location. Being an over-protective young Pakistani woman the potential consequences of her actions did not occur to her. In countries like Pakistan a personal sense of insult over the minutes issue is huge. The pressure on the Mufti created embarrassment to his name and status and he clearly encouraged revenge against her through his followers. A third party approached the brother to encourage revenge (probably by referring to the obligations laid out in Sharia), who was already incensed by the media attention his sister was getting.

The Mufti and his followers and supporters, which include the male journalists who made it a point to expose her in the media, seem to be the main cause for her death.  Shamefully, none of them feel they have done anything wrong contributing to the public persecution of this young woman. Although the brother followed Sharia it was not encouraged by the father.  This again demonstrates how important Islam is to Muslims and how they easily can take their “responsibility” to Sharia into their own hands.

Qanteel’s father wants the death penalty for his son. The father says Qandeel’s brother wakes up every night in prison dreaming that his sister’s ghost keep asking him, “What did I do? Why did you kill me?”.


Image result for bbc our world Qandeel Baloch

Image result for bbc our world Qandeel Baloch
July 18: Pakistani model and internet sensation Qandeel Baloch, who was murdered by her younger brother in Multan, was laid to rest in her ancestral village Dera Ghazi Khan district. Her father (left) wants the death penalty for his son.

2 thoughts on “The Killing of Qandeel Baloch – BBC Documentary

  1. This article has a “minor mistake” implying the brother was “allowed” by sharia to kill her.
    This is more a matter of family pride v dishonour which happens often in less educated tribal areas of South East Asian countries.


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