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India: Muslim occupation and persecution leads to Hindu exodus from West UP in the North

And there you go. The Islamic takeover of yet another part of India is coming to completion.

First they migrate in floods. They live amongst the natives for a while with small hick-ups. They multiply rapidly. The problems increases as the muslims continue to make more demands of assumed entitlements and rights that must be observed above national rights. Eventually, they begin to spread more mosques into wider areas. The areas become Islamized. Soon, intimidation and a total intolerance of the natives become more common leading to disputes and clashes. The Muslims begin to claim the land as “theirs” and profess that it has been “occupied” by the natives, who they profess have no rights to live there. The natives begin to feel intimidated and unsafe and start to move out. For each area the natives relocate from, Muslims immediately fill the gaps so they can’t return to live there again. And this goes on and on until Muslims become a majority and have pushed the natives fully out of the way. The occupation is then complete.

As per 2001 Census, the total population of Western Uttar Pradesh was 55,717,132, out of which 72.69% is Hindu and 25.89% is Muslim. Although Hindus are in a large majority, the percentage of Muslims in Western Uttar Pradesh (~26%) is higher than in Uttar Pradesh as a whole (where it is 17%). Out of 77 assembly seats in this region, Muslim candidates won 26 seats in the 2012 assembly elections.

Western Uttar Pradesh has a history of religious riots happening frequently. Many Hindu and Muslim riots (meaning Muslims attacking Hindus) happened in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar.



It has Begun…Hindu Exodus from West UP

Posted By: HinduPost, June 1, 2016

What demography, history and sociology had been warning us about has started to unfold before our very eyes. More than 250 Hindu families have fled Kairana in Shamli district, West UP due to targeted attacks, especially against women. According to Hindi paper Dainik Jagran, this was revealed by Kairana MP Hukum Singh during an interaction with journalists in the Shamli municpality.

The key points made by MP Hukum Singh are –

  • There is an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in the entire district of Shamli, and many Hindu business establishments are facing extortion threats, particularly in Kairana. Due to this, 6 famous establishments from Kairana have disappeared, and 250 Hindu families have fled the area.
  • Similar to how Kashmiri Pandits were terrorized and forced to flee Kashmir valley, Hindus of Kairana are being similarly targeted and persecuted.
  • He cited a few cases to explain his point –
    • A minor girl from a Hindu Kashyap family was gang-raped when both her father & mother were out for work. No action has been taken in this case even 6 months after the family filed an FIR.
    • A Hindu woman was gang-raped and murdered in village Akbarpur Sunhaiti, and the police, instead of apprehending the real culprits, arrested the deceased woman’s nephew and brother-in-law. The victim’s family were being threatened by the actual perpetrators to not pursue the case. The MP has personally spoken to the SP (Superintendent Police) for this case, but is not satisfied with the response.
    • The Hindu Kashyap community has completely abandoned the Durbar Khurd locality in Kairana. In Alipur village, the same Kashyap community is facing continuous attacks.

The UP administration and ruling SP (Samajwadi Party) leaders have summarily dismissed the observations made by Hukum Singh, and repeated the ‘all is well’ mantra.

A twitter user @InternalSources recounts his experience of travelling through Kairana town –

“I still have nightmares about visiting Kairana. I entered UP during Jat Andolan to escape the rioters. First town on crossing Haryana border was Kairana. The moment you enter the town, you feel as if you have traveled back in time. The houses are old, dilapidated. People looked at my car, with a huge OM symbol on the rear view mirror. There was a look of disgust in their eyes, as if I am trespassing.

Image result for riots west uttar pradesh
[A lone Sikh chasing hundreds of violent Muslim Rioters in Saharanpur]

Could not see a single woman without hijab. Could not see a single man without mullah beard. Topis everywhere. Everywhere. Green was the colour of choice. No single house was white/pink/yellow. Green was preferred. Urdu was ubiquitous. Not a single Hindi letter was to be found on any shop. Even the directions were in Urdu. On proceeding down the road, I saw an old temple. It was visible from afar. The white building with orange columns, and a broken top.”

Recently, a detailed analysis of the demographic trend in West Uttar Pradesh had shown, using various statistical models, that Western Uttar Pradesh and Southern Uttarakhand are most likely to be Muslim majority by 2061. Quoting from the article –

“Many areas in India are witnessing major religious demographic changes. One of the regions where the demographic changes are rapid is western Uttar Pradesh. Specifically, we refer to the regions of the Upper Doab (the districts of old Saharanpur, old Muzaffarnagar and old Meerut) and northern Rohilkhand (the districts of Bijnor, old Moradabad, Rampur and Bareilly).

Image result for riots west uttar pradesh
Image result for riots west uttar pradesh

We have shown the various projections of the populations of Western Uttar Pradesh. It shows that the region is going to be close to, if not actually, Muslim majority by 2061. All the models used here are conservative and do not take into account the age-based religious demographics and/or the rising disparity in fertility rates between Hindus and Muslims. For instance, the 75-79 age group has 70 per cent Hindus and 30 per cent Muslims in Saharanpur, while the 0-4 age group has only 50.5 per cent Hindus, and 49.5 per cent Muslims. The statistics for other districts are similar. The coming decades are likely to see faster change in religious demographics.”

But what the above analysis doesn’t account for is the forced change in demography caused by everyday communal violence, religious persecution and administrative apathy. If the trend emerging from Kairana is not reversed, Hindu population in West UP is likely to collapse much sooner than 2061. With every passing year, as Muslim population rises in certain pockets, the religious intolerance and attacks on Hindus will only rise..causing more people to flee. Post independence history from Kashmir, Assam (parts of Dhubri), Mizoram (Bru tribe), Kerala (parts of Malappuram), and many districts of West Bengal show that this phenomenon is not new, and will only accelerate going forward. The constant stream of Hindu refugees from Muslim majority Bangladesh and Pakistan also tell us the same story.

And the cruelest cut is that UPA era schemes like MSDP (Multi Sectoral Development Programme) under which minority concentration areas, i.e. blocks with 25% or more of a minority population, get additional Government funds for development act as an incentive for such local deportation. And such sectarian laws and schemes continue even after the UPA’s exit.



Local newspapers report on the Muslim aggression in the region, targeting locals:


Lawyer and National Security Analyst Divya Kumar Soti ‏(@DivyaSoti) writes on Twitter: Political storm brewing over Hindu Exodus from West U.P.’s Kairana. Trading & Kashyap community allegedly leaving

Divya Kumar Soti ‏(@DivyaSoti) writes on Twitter: More Hindu Families in Kairana say that they have recently received death threats and are planning to leave.  Hindu population of Kandhla showing majestic steady fall for last two decades.

No Petrol Pump in Kairana – a town with 1 Lakh population [100,000] near NCR. [Muslim] Oil Mafia got all Petrol Pumps closed.

Divya Kumar Soti ‏(@DivyaSoti) writes on Twitter on  Jun 14: India’s famous Gur Market at Kandhla has got ruined as [Muslim] Mafia rules and Hindu traders leaving.


9 thoughts on “India: Muslim occupation and persecution leads to Hindu exodus from West UP in the North

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  3. I did a Google search regarding persecution of Christians worldwide and I found an article from The Guardian (U.K.) which states that Muslims and Christians are being persecuted in India by Hindu extremists. It sounded strange to me that Muslims are said to be persecuted in India. It occurred to me that if they are being attacked,it could be a backlash arising from their own attacks on others. I have read about some persecution of Christians by Hindu extremists. I did more searching and found this blog. I was not surprised to find that in India, Muslims are doing what they have done in many other places. Once they become a certain percentage of the population, they attempt to subjugate the rest to their barbaric sharia law and establish ghettoes and no go zones. What I read here sounds like there will be a violent future for India.


  4. They aren’t satisfied with Pakistan & Bangladesh now they must steal the whole of INDIA. We all including India have to go to war with this Satanic cult. Serious civil war in India. Frankly there needs to be a Muslim Genocide or they can be given the opportunity to drop this satanic crap. Serious action is needed NOW. In fact the genocide of Muslims in Eastern Europe was a damn good idea.


  5. All countries of the world need to unite and now allow them to come to your country let them fight for theirs close your doors tell them no send their boats back do not allow to land that will stop all this frappe if they are there stop supporting them if they commit a crime deport them castrate them eventually they will get the message that their CULT IS NOT WELCOMED ANYWHERE


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