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Video: Muslim ‘refugee’ behavior in Europe

Says it all. The people who bring them in must be charged for the crimes they commit.


8 thoughts on “Video: Muslim ‘refugee’ behavior in Europe

  1. Most of those coming in are islamic invaders. Western European countries especially are not safe anymore for American tourists. Western Europe is in chaos and confusion. No more is it worth visiting the culture sites of Paris, Berlin, Rome and London when the murder rate is 10x the normal due to acceptance of terrorists toppling the Western European governments. Eastern Europe would be safer having refused Islamists to sett there. Therefore I would visit Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia as examples of the remnants of Europe to tour.


  2. WELL, WHERE’S THE VIDEO?? I suppose some muslim didn’t like it, and took it down? I’ve tried many times, and many ways to see it, soooo I don’t understand what happened to this video..


  3. One may take the boy out of Beirut, but one cannot take Beirut out of the boy.

    The only solution for Islamic presence, is Islamic absence.

    And Islamic Absence is my precise recommendation for every sovereign government in the Western World, starting with those still able to decide social policy democratically.

    Be sure to vote.


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