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Report: 743 Christians Attacked by Muslims in Refugee Camps

By Amanda Prestigiacomo
DailyWire, October 21, 2016

A new report published by Christian advocacy group Open Doors Germany is uncovering the country’s glaring inability or refusal to protect the religious minorities in refugee camps. The report  found that in 2016 alone, a stunning 743 Christians and 10 Yazidis have faced persecution including violent beatings, sexually assault and death threats, for their faith at the hands of Muslim refugees also in the camps.

After fleeing civil war, conflict and mass persecution from places like Syria and Northern Iraq, these religious minorities attempting to find a safe space and justice are facing a new hell.

“The situation of Christian refugees in German refugee shelters is still unbearable,” says the advocacy group. “As a minority they are discriminated against, beaten up by and receive death threats from Muslim refugees and partly by the Muslim staff (security, interpreters, volunteers) on grounds of their religion.”

The survey, which was conducted between February and September of 2016, found that “nearly half of the respondents said they suffered some sort of injury. Nearly 300 said they received death threats against themselves or their families. Others were sexually assaulted, insulted, discriminated against or subjected to psychological pressure,” notes Fox News.

Open Doors Germany is blasting German authorities for ignoring radical Islam and “trivializing” and “concealing” such acts of religious persecution.

“We believe that the trivialization, concealment or misuse of this injustice, be it for political or other motives, will give encouragement to the perpetrators and increase the suffering of the victims,” says ODG.

“As a Christian charity, Open Doors is not against Muslims, as CEO Markus Rode has already made clear in a comprehensive statement in January 2015. It is a constitutive element of Christian faith that Muslims are loved by God and are to be met with love and compassion,” continues the organization.

“At the same time it has to be stated that Islam, which is the majority religion in most of the refugees’ home countries, is responsible for the massive violation of the human right to freedom of religion. This is for example the case when Muslims threaten to kill converts while invoking the Quran as a basis for their action,” ODG adds.

Those organizations which have helped to conduct the survey—such as Persecuted Christians and the Needy, European Mission Society Fellowship, and the Central Council of Oriental Christians—are claiming that much persecution goes unreported, and that the reported accounts of these religiously motivated attacks are just the “tip of the iceberg.”

“It must be assumed that there is a high number of unreported cases,” the report states. For instance, “a significantly higher number of cases could have been included in the survey” if more staffers were working the camps, readily assisting religious minorities.

It is noted that a fear of backlash may also be holding back minorities from reporting such incidents.

According to the report, “Effective measures for the protection of religious minorities (in refugee camps have) yet to be implemented.”

8 thoughts on “Report: 743 Christians Attacked by Muslims in Refugee Camps

  1. The Christian and Yazidis refugees must be removed from the Muslim refugees and be the first to choose where they can relocate after being vetted. I know this sounds discriminatory and unfair but it’s necessary due to the wicked behavior of the Muslim refugees.


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