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Italy: Muslims pray by Rome’s Colosseum in protest over mosque shortage

Intimidation. This is how they go about. Always. They never change their tactics. If there are not enough mosques in Rome it doesn’t mean more has to be built. It merely means Rome has too many Muslims and need to start removing them.

12 thoughts on “Italy: Muslims pray by Rome’s Colosseum in protest over mosque shortage

    • That’s EXACTLY what I say, Jacquie!! How ignorant of Italy not to see what these vermin are doing….it won’t be long before they start killing people, and burning buildings down, and who know’s what else? 1.6 million of them….jeez, if one of those rises up as a leader….which could happen any day,,,,can you imagine what that many could do to that city?? If Rome doesn’t do something, either build them more mosques…or make them happy somehow….I can see something very bad happening there….and I wouldn’t be surprised…but I would get very angry, that Rome couldn’t see it coming…like Germany, and Sweden are facing threats right now….since those countries are getting filled with those animals too, and taking control of their governments….ooooh it’s just sooo sad, that these countries have know idea of what their doing, letting soooo many of these “people” in their countries! But I digress….there’s soooo many mosques in sooo many countries over in the middle east….why can’t they stay where they belong, and need to be, and are happy….with alll the many mosques they have over there??
      NOOO…they gotta fricken take over all these countries, and start crying….arrrggg..makes me sooo mad!!


      •  The muslims know they can’t invade and conquer Europe or the countries built by European descendants with military might so they come in disguised as poor, downtrodden, abused people whose lives and well being hinge on asylum from the people for which they hate and want to destroy and the stupid left is blind to the Trojan horse trick.

        They aren’t trying to escape the life they left behind, they’re spreading it as they  conquer Europe with terrorism and undermining it’s civilizations. This is the classic Trojan horse(muslims running from islam, think about it), Europe must look at the bigger picture. The muslims are the oppressors, the abusers, they have been this way for the past 1400 years, they don’t plan on changing now. 

        All through history Europeans have been great at purging their lands of problems, the clock is ticking, history does and will repeat itself. Deport so that our descendants will have a chance to grow up in a safe environment like the generations before the islamic cancer came.


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    • Hmm, did they take that video down too? Like they do everything? Or is it my computer and/or internet service? Sure wanted to see that…


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