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Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am

It’s pretty funny….

Some fed up people in Sweden ventured to a rich socialist liberal neighbourhood at 6 am to give them a taste of multicultural society of the future by playing the Islamic morning prayer – loud. Exactly like they do in the Middle East. Even the police showed up to see what the ruckus was all about. Shouldn’t the police know by know that it’s their religious rights, or do they have to be Muslims to play the Fajr?. An asylum center is apparently in planning for the area.



9 thoughts on “Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am

  1. The Countdown to Doomsday is near. Sweden will bear the brunt of savage evil as she adopted the culture of hatred and destruction from the Muslims. Islam is Barbaric & evil to spite the God of peace n love! Destruction like Syria will happen to the Swedes!


  2. Of course, everyone loves regimentation. That is why everyone who lives within sixty kilometres of a US Army base awakens to bugle calls at 5am, does sixty pushups and goes for a five kilometre run, before spending a half hour examining the ground for discarded cigarette butts. Heaven forbid the MPs or local constables should find anyone in their bunks at dawn.

    We give everyone a choice. Get with program. Or report to the Euthanasia Clinic.


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