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Germany: Merkel Muslim puts newborn baby-girl up for sale on eBay for €5,000

That’s how little a girl is worth to them. And they had the insult to name the baby girl a Christian name, “Maria”. They probably imagined she would fetch more money in a Christian country.

Just remove these people immediately from the West. This is savagery beyond human comprehension. There exist no capacity of humanness in these “people”.



REVEALED: Newborn baby put up for sale on eBay in Germany is daughter of refugees newly arrived in the country who now face police investigation 

  • A newborn baby, called Maria, was posted on eBay as being ‘for sale’
  • Her father handed himself in to police in Germany after post went viral 
  • Maria’s family is now being questioned and the baby taken into care 
  • The listing was swiftly removed by eBay within 30 minutes and reported 

Migrant parents are being questioned by police after putting their newborn baby girl up for sale on eBay.

The one-month-old named Maria was listed in for auction on the site with a starting price of €5,000 with the caption: ‘Child, 40 days old named Maria… for sale.’

Her father, who recently moved to Germany as a refugee, handed himself in to police and the baby was taken into care while a decision is made on whether or not the family will face criminal charges.

Police are investigating reports that a one-month-old baby girl was put up 'for sale' on eBay (pictured) - the post read: 'Child, 40 days old named Maria... for sale'

6 thoughts on “Germany: Merkel Muslim puts newborn baby-girl up for sale on eBay for €5,000

  1. Muslims are in general messed up in the head as far as it seem and they demonstrate here that a girl is not worth much to them. Not so strange maybe for people that believe in a allah that do not keep human life as sacred allways


  2. I hope at least this infant is allowed to be adopt d by a living “Christian” couple!
    I hope this child will not be sent back for any reason to these worthless pseudo-parents!
    I can only imagine the life of this poor, unwanted, helpless child “IF” should happen!


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