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UK: Convicted ‘devious’ Muslim paedophile is sent on tour with a children’s cricket club

Parents were ‘horrified’. No kidding. The Brits sure know how to keep their Muslims happy and content. After all, Aslam is just exercising his Islamic rights under Sharia.



Cricket club sent convicted paedophile on boys’ tour despite him being banned from working with kids

The Mirror, 19:03, 15 Oct 2016
By Nicola Fifield

Parents were horrified after discovering Wasim Aslam, who was once branded a “significant risk”, volunteers at London Schools Cricket Association.

Stan Kujawa / Sunday Mirror Wasim Majid
Wasim Majid volunteers for a children’s cricket organisation.

A paedophile jailed for four years and branded a ­“significant risk” by a judge is now a ­volunteer for a prestigious ­children’s cricket organisation.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has launched an investigation after it emerged Wasim Aslam, 40, goes on tours with kids and has even slept in the same building.

The former history teacher has changed his surname from Majid. And though his role does not involve direct contact with players, horrified parents called for him to be sacked.

Aslam is fixtures secretary for the London Schools Cricket Association, where ex-England captains Graham Gooch and Mike Gatting used to play.

He is on the Sex Offenders’ Register and was banned indefinitely from working with children after being jailed in 2004 for two counts of indecency and three of indecent assault.

Sentencing him at Northampton Crown Court, Judge Charles Wide QC said: “You embarked on a carefully calculated and planned campaign to abuse two vulnerable 15-year-old boys.

“You were devious and manipulative. You groomed them relentlessly. You created opportunities for abuse.”

One boy received up to 1,300 calls and “dirty” text messages – including 93 texts on Valentine’s Day.

Wasim Majid
Wasim Majid was called “devious” by a judge before he was jailed,

Aslam used to coach at the LSCA and it has now emerged it took him back on in an admin role in 2012.

A source close to the LSCA said: “Parents are horrified and furious. They can’t believe a paedophile has been involved with LSCA all this time and they knew nothing of it. Parents have seen him at matches on school grounds by himself in a golf buggy. They are sick with worry.”

LSCA chair Richard Balmforth said Aslam was being watched at all times when he was in the buggy and insisted he did not have any direct contact with children.

Wasim Majid
Wasim’s appointment has sent alarm bells ringing with parents.

Mr Balmforth admitted Aslam had slept in the same building as children at cricket festivals, but said it was in an adult-only annexe, with a chaperone in his room.

He added: “We took advice from the ECB. They told us our arrangements were perfectly OK.”

Speaking at home in South East London, where he is an estate agent, Aslam said: “I work with adults, I don’t have any direct contact or involvement with children and I don’t have their contact details.”

Asked if the police knew of his position at LSCA, he replied: “Er, yes I believe so.”

London School's Cricket Association
Aslam currently volunteers as fixtures secretary at London School’s Cricket Association.


Harry Fletcher, director of Voice 4 Victims, said: “The rights of victims must be paramount in all cases of sexual abuse. There needs to be an urgent investigation.”

The voluntary LSCA runs eight teams aged under-10 to under-17, with training sessions at the iconic Lord’s cricket ground in London.

An ECB spokesman confirmed a probe, adding: “We have made clear to the club that the individual must not undertake any role which involves contact with children.”

The Metropolitan Police said: “We take failures to comply with terms of the Sex Offenders’ Register seriously and will follow up information that suggests a potential breach.”



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